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  1. Great Service, mapped me 2 character - food works perfectly 5hour timers!
  2. did you change your mind or did you sale the char? I made a deal with a friend that I needed to make him 11,000 support beams if he bought that char! :P

  3. +1 this is a great idea, i want Norse runes on walls and floors in a mine that help create light!!!!
  4. +1 I think animals crossing server should be tied into one of the bigger ships like caraval or cog only that could transport livestock by loading them. Would create another use for an item we already have.
  5. +1 Maybe make one of the ships able to LOAD animals. One of the bigger ships like Caraval or Cog where it could transport animals. In Hawaii, Frigates would arrive to load and unload cattle. They would swim the cattle out on horse and load them on. (back before they made a harbor) It would create a 2ndary use for these ships that are pretty much not used too often.
  6. +1, i would like to see this item as an attachable item to ship. So each ship you could attach a nautical compass to. Q of compass would determine how often it works - high Q always working.
  7. +1 I like this idea
  8. +1 this is another TLC thing i mentioned before that needs to be fixed. It is a really easy fix too - just need to add a line to check if it is snuffed before it decays as being light....
  9. +1 i like this idea.
  10. -1, I already spend too much times with minigames ( look at the new cooking mechanics!!!!! it is like playing chess trying to bake ) - I do not need another one I want the dev to focus on fixing some much needed TLC versus making something we do not need at this time
  11. new engine

    -1 , play ability is a lot more important than looks. I just want a 3rd person camera and be all G .
  12. Math doesn't add up - +1 needs to be fixed 16000 volume = 2000 bricks.
  13. Can you lower the ingame silver cost associated with premium due to not being able to premium accounts via paypal? I do not trust xsolla payment method and want to prem an account... At least until you fix the problems with paypal? Thank you