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  1. +1 - there should be 2 to 3 tile wide gates!
  2. 5.5s
  3. Looks similar to Eve University - sounds like a great idea to train people in pvp at Wurm University. Good luck to you guys!
  4. Thank you for some horses! Purchased today.
  5. I would like to point out that Mead gets better with time and should be reflected in game. Also, no winery would ad maple syrup to their fine wine. Needs to be correct in wurm too. ( I think whoever originally designed this thought about maple wine (or a mead style with maple instead of honey ). Thxs!
  6. Instead of monsters coming out of the rift and causing mayhem on the islands, it should act like a portal to the "island" or whatever, and must be closed from the inside. Once closed it will kick everyone out back to the spot they spawned on so people / rifts do not have to destroy the land. This would open up a new island the devs can play with and theme ( lava and red mist etc? ) no deeds allowed to placed on etc.
  7. Aloha all I have been trying to unlock the 'Imu Pig' recipe, so i then can unlock the 'Bramson's Kailua Pig and Cabbage' recipe, but I seem to have hit a dead end.... I prepared it exactly how should but it no work. I dug my hole... I then killed my pig... I added stone to my Imu... I added Hot Charcoal to my Stones, get em all Hot and what not... I added fresh grass to cover the rock and charcoal... I got stones... hot charcoal... and grass covering the stone and charcoal... one pig on top... I still no unlock the Imu Pig Recipe? What am I doing wrong? I already chopped the cabbage and invite da bruddah's over for some fresh kailua pig... if I don't get the Imu Pig recipe unlock I no can use my fork to shred my pork and unlock kailua pig recipe with chopped cabbage... Please help!?! Thank you Bram
  8. Drummers was chickens or rooster, i saw a pile all dead. And I didn't even think about grabbing any of the animals that spawned.. woops!
  9. +1 - yes please!
  10. What is the chat server?
  11. poor retrograde, hopefully he has a speedy recovery! Last year Enki had locations setup to go party at, was hoping to have something similar this year.
  12. Been waiting for someone from the gamemaster staff to post about this years NEW YEARS EVE wurm party?!? So the questions is.... are we going to party today or what? Thanks B
  13. [BUG] pushing items from a bridge directly into a house. If you push an item ( BSB in my example ) from a bridge that ends into a house, some reason the server doesnt realize it left the bridge. I pushed it so far that I can no longer move it or access the BSB I just get the msg: [22:44:54] You need to be on the same bridge in order to do that. Please fix, thanks! And how do I fix my bugged BSB? B