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  1. First day and i tryed to make a hammer and got a unfinished hammer and needed a hammer to finish it
  2. Can you cod The Green and White scale to me
  3. +1
  4. updated pricing

    Buying rare grapes and apples?
  5. bump
  6. bump lower price
  7. WTS Red dragon hatchling skull 5s 3 Green dragon hatchling blood 75c each or 2s/3 Oil of the weapon smith 88,71 1,5s 86,51 1,5s 82,08 1,5s 78,00 1s 68,17 1s 60,18 1s or 5s for 6 oil
  8. i will be there
  9. ...... sold plz close
  10. thx for all the help to kill the dragon
  11. Meet up in the Steppe area at 63x 12y on ingame map and then we proceed to the hatching site on the given time. Loot is private. ingame map
  12. Sold
  13. bump