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  1. There is no saltwater in wurm(as said already), or you wouldn't be able to drink it.
  2. Exactly.. The discussion should revolve around that issue, not whether stealing is good or bad on chaos. We have had several methods suggested how to solve it. 1. Completely detach Chaos from PvE servers.. as Spellcast mentioned, that has been done in the past, it affected Chaos population badly. So this is not good option. 2. Limited access to Chaos through portals or whatever.. Your character is transferred to Chaos/back with current skillset, but no items. That sounds like something, which addresses the problem. 3. I'll add also Rolfs attempt to find a solution.. Enable PvP on PvE servers. Well, that didn't turn out so well. One more thing to add: Of course this is also a bit off, that giving permission to people to repair your buildings in case of a raid will make all your stuff vulnerable. In the past there were strongwalled mine vaults. That was another extreme. I think the right way should be somewhere in the middle. But one thing is clear, that security of deed and security of items should be completely separated.
  3. Please don't put PvP servers into the same category as PvE. In PvE players don't have tools to deal with situations like this, while in PvP they do. Infact situations like that generate content for players in sandbox games: Your stuff gets stolen, you go and hunt the thief down, or die trying(thats very simplified look ofc). Which of course takes us to the problem, the thief can take stolen goods to safety. But THAT is the problem, not the fact, that theft could happen. All the talk about honorable/cowardly, monetary value.. thats pointless argument. If you gank someone 5vs1 for example, or wait, until everyone goes to sleep, then raid a deed.. It is same cowardly action, as taking someones stuff from their vault.. and the monetary losses are still the same for that person.
  4. All I am saying, is that while theft itself is the same everywhere. The level of "pain tolerance" should be higher on PvP servers. Some things, which shouldn't be available on PvE servers, should be possible in full loot PvP environments. Which means, you can't enforce same rulesets on those two completely different mindsets. With this I agree tho, that Enki intervened, he simply was too harsh on Chaos.
  5. Everyone in Wurm focuses on prevention. This is only one stage. We have tools to prevent bad things to happen.. this minimizes the risks, but it is inevitable, that theft happens. Without those prevention tools there would just be more. What the Wurm is lacking, is tools to handle the situation AFTER the inevitable has happened. Like in real life, we have also tools to prevent theft - locks, security cams. Using wurm logic we would not need police. Yet theft happens and keeps police busy.
  6. This.. I have always fought for anti-theft rules on PvE servers. But instead of making it illegal on PvE servers, and guiding the "bad" guys to PvP servers, where it has always been possible,, they made it illegal on PvP servers.
  7. PvP comes in different forms. You can use force to take someone elses stuff.. or you can use cunning. Labeling one as cowardly is weird. This can go further. Is sneak attack cowardly and should be banned? Deception? Yes, there was a problem, but to outlaw theft on PvP server... I don't know. Especially when the underlying problem still remains - all your shinies can still be transported to safety of PvE servers, without a chance for you to reclaim... no matter how they were taken - in combat, or theft.
  8. Straight question. Is stealing now banned also on PvE servers?
  9. Kinda funny, stealing is banned on chaos, but nothing been said about pve servers, so it seems here it is still ok. Anyway, wurm is back where it was, when Rolf enabled PvP on home servers. This is exactly what he wanted to "combat", his solution was bit off tho. I read, that he intended to separate wild from home servers. I wonder what happened to that idea:
  10. Sad thing is, the guy simply needs to roll a froob alt, new forum account and he is ready to market all the goods.
  11. Yeah, only thing is.. there has to be risk to begin with. If you now explain the risk in this situation.. The guy was trusted, he took stuff which didn't belong to him, then he went to Exo. I don't see the risk part anywhere. But I am all ears.
  12. Route was well marked even from the tap dance side.. was great fight.. thanks again.
  13. Only question is, is player fragmentation a problem in Wurm? If it is, what will you do about it? While I do think closing servers is bad idea and can be even worse solution than current situation, that doesn't mean there is no problem to solve. And no, releasing texture pack every other week doesn't have an effect on that.
  14. That is a tricky situation. The current problem is a part of new player experience. Wurm's player numbers have stabilized roughly where they were in 2011, when Exodus was released. Now think, between how many servers players were split then and between how many now. Just few examples.. Independence currently(as I am writing this) has 404 prem players. In 2011 september (using wayback machine) we can see, that it had roughly 1k more players (https://web.archive.org/web/20110930072935/http://freedom001.game.wurmonline.com:80/mrtg/paying.html ). In 2012 smaller servers (deli, exo, cele) had basically the same amount of players as indy has currently. The numbers have actually significant impact on players experience. And from new players perspective it matters quite a bit, if you see a living breathing world, or just a ghost town. Starting to close the servers isn't the best solution.. as is not sitting idly and pretending everything is ok.
  15. Seems to be another lingonberry bug. They are harvestable now .. almanac says, they are harvestable in 8 months. And the thing is, some are harvestable, some aren't. It looks(can't remember 100% any more which exact tiles I harvested and which not), like those, which I harvested during the season aren't harvestable right now(doesn't tell that they have been picked, seem to be normal out of season lingonberries). Those, which I didn't harvest during season, those can be harvested now.