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  1. comic relief

    "I will make small personal sacrifices for the good of the game."
  2. That is half the problem with the game right now, back in the day before everyone and their mother became merchants, communities shared among themselves on pvp servers less focused on the financial end of the game. At the end of the day these are all virtual items that should honestly not have a real world value.
  3. Because it was a life lesson, and it was only virtual items taken, so who cares! Part of the game is running into jerks, and occasionally being a jerk yourself why ruin that for a coddled baby experience?
  4. Not to worry Wargasm, people are already doing that.
  5. Forgive me if you are not directly referencing me, but I have and always will support pvp on freedom servers whether it be full blown war or alliance wars.
  6. What I find sad about the banning of that guy is the fact that not only has this been happening since I stepped into pvp 8-9 years ago but this has personally happened to me or my friends 2-3 times but now it is decided it has to stop? I guess we all have different ideas of what a sandbox game is.
  7. if there will be no straight merge, which budda has said like a bajillion times it won't happen, then I do not want the worst aspect the influx of epic items into freedom to be the "key feature" that actually makes it.
  8. consolidate the servers.
  9. SOLD
  10. Please stop trolling my thread
  12. Unfortunately with WU, in terms of pvp, it will forever be ruined by easily available hacks, that are rampant on every server. And no, they are never "fixed" as many server owners would like to think.
  13. Still for sale, debating auction but probably not