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  1. We sat around the fire, tired, cold, and hungry. The wind blew like it often did in the wasteland of GRATSALOT, the dying crops let loose a pungent smell that seemed to drift across the charred rock landscape. Our commander tossed a bangers and mash in front of us onto the fire, hoping to burn away some of the mold that collected. "Well", Cubeman began, "I think we need a morale boost, Lt. Cndo!". A figure emerged out of a ripped cloth tent, patched up one to many times with the tabards of a dead kingdom. "Yes my lord." the figure uttered. As he sat down, the first thing you notice is the rough face of a physically broken man, scratches, cuts, scars, he looked ragged to say the least. His tarnished steel did not reflect the fire like most, he was clearly undernourished under that plate. He spoke almost in a singing voice, uncharacteristic of the man before, "Now here is a little lesson in trickery, some say this will go down in history..."
  2. Like, people who will take silver or euros? If that's what you mean, yeah what about them? I guess make 2 threads?
  3. Rumor has it we are a tax haven
  4. Please do not remove a fun and cool terrain change because some people prefer a different color palette.
  5. @Holar
  6. Custom Banners, Tabards, Wagons, and the lot are being designed at the moment, and pending developer approval upon submission will hopefully see light in the game.
  7. I am not really sure how to tackle the issue you raised, because I at least on freedom, have never profited from dragon slaying or unique slaying. I always considered the process fun for event making, with the occasional people privately searching for said dragon and murdering it. In a sandbox game almost anyone has the chance to go after what they want, skills, dragon slaying, rifts, exploring, it is endless and it is freedom. Now from what I gather you want the process more streamlined like other MMO's where everyone kills the big world boss and everyone gets something, or at least a chance to get something cool via a loot system or some design. While I think that is not an incredibly bad idea, I feel like it takes away some of that freedom and want to go do it. I mean, I know people who hear a dragon spawn and get excited just to find the thing. Also I cannot help but feel there is some degree of malice in your post, I do not know why. Almost like a "I want unique things, and I never get invited to dragon slayings" or something of that nature. I hope I am wrong.
  9. I am generally an explorer, but when it comes to wurm I am an explorer and killer.
  10. It is completely viable, in fact besides training all weapons, I used a 2h sword almost exclusively for both pve and pvp engagements. Needing a 1 handed wep and a shield was rarely an issue unless in pvp occurrences, in which case a shield is necessary for blocking arrows and being focused down. If you want to train a single 2h wep, I suggest Axe only because of uniques. If you are after a very viable 2h wep for everything, I still think the sword is great, good damage, parry rate, swing timers. It is still my favorite.
  11. 𝓙𝓸𝓲𝓷 𝓷𝓸𝔀 𝓪𝓷𝓭 𝓰𝓮𝓽 𝓽𝓱𝓲𝓼 𝓷𝓮𝓪𝓽 𝓯𝓸𝓻𝓾𝓶 𝓯𝓸𝓷𝓽!
  12. An Oil Painting of our King, Cubeman. The Artist was later banned for profanity and exiled from GRATSALOT
  13. Figured you might want input from someone on the pvp server with close to 7 years of game experience in that sector. I will rank the gods in my opinion for someone on freedom looking to fight, and why there are there, the top being #1 Smeagain - This is basically the pvp meta right now, sme seems to offer the best of all worlds. Healing, aoe, single target, some wep and armor enchants and not to mention mag bonuses of damage and res stone at high levels. Magranon - Smeagain, but with no healing Fo - There is nothing better than the healing of Fo, every other diety has bits and pieces of Fo, sure. But Fo still serves as an excellent god. Back in the day Fo champions were terrifying, honestly they still kinda are. Tie - Nathan - Nahjo - I had to tie these for interesting reasons, Nahjo is a really good priest for channeling grind, and can be the priest you use to get the proper skill to be a different priest, he uses a lot of the "big spells" and has some good enchants. Nathan is unique in that you can be WL and still use the a majority of Blacklight abilities, he can heal and provide fungus and is genuinely entertaining Libila - The queen of mycelium is nowadays, a sad shell of what she used to be. The bulk of her abilities have either been nerfed, or sent to player gods with a better mix of abilities. She is still intimidating to see, but the question is, why bother go with her when you can have a player god with much of the same and better passives? Vynora - Vynora enchants are the best hands down, but you are not looking to be an enchanting priest. Vynora can do some aoe, like ice pillar, tentacles, and some single target like (FIRE THE CANNON) Ice shard. But she is not a pvp god. Paalweelr - Sorry Paalweelr fans, I am not sure about this god, literally no one follow it on chaos except maybe like two people who do not actually pvp, I always refer to this as the "Utility God" It is basically a Vyn and Fo love child that Libila babysat on the weekends. Good for freedom? Heck yeah! Good for fighting? Not really. People will probably disagree with me, and that's great! I encourage the discourse, but Sme and Mag were breed for combat, everything else is eh.
  14. Minecraft was designed my Markus "Notch" Pearsson(?) who originally developed this game with Rolf Jansson. Tents are not a secure living condition, instead they are supposed to serve as a spawn point if placed within kingdom influence, which can be a confusing idea to a new player. Bears will kill you, you try to have to avoid them until you actually toughen your character up a bit, I suggest starting with something simple to learn how some of the mechanics work, such as making a mallet. If you want to learn about the specific recipes of items, there is a recipe book on the tool bar for both cooking and crafting materials. A mallet for example, requires you to cut down the tree, and chop it up with your hatchet. Most things in wurm require base material, in this case a wooden mallet needs wood. Secondly, you pick up a log, and use your carving knife on it, cutting a shaft from the log. Then use the knife on the shaft to make a mallet head. Finally make another shaft, use the mallet head on that shaft to make a mallet! The game requires a bit of common sense in the real world, i.e. using a shovel to pack dirt, using a rake to farm crops, and using a mallet to construct buildings. Another skill you may have to learn is leveling ground, Good luck! And I hope it works out for you! And while Wurm Unlimited is a good source to start the game for little to no cost, I do recommend trying out Wurm Online which can be downloaded and played here. There are tons of support staff here, and quite a few players who would love to get you started.