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  1. coffeerun
  2. Excellent post Olloch. Additionally, I liked the idea of tomes and deities at first, but nowadays I am not so sure if they are a great idea in wurm. (I have stoneskin myself, so I am not biased in this) of course the main negative would be removing or changing a unique piece of ingame content, and I am sure those who paid for said abilities would also not like to see a change. So putting out an argument is like trying to direct a kite in hurricane force winds.
  3. I would pay top dollar for the poolsclosed account
  4. Cndo - He is one of the coolest guys in wurm online, and should really get put on this list. He also owns the greatest account in the game.
  5. Seriously +1 especially for the idea of adding in more "dark" aesthetic designs libila needs lovin too
  6. Hey epic is dead again, lets reset the map! That worked last time! Right?
  7. tbh epic is in such a state that a full reset may be the only option, skills and all.
  8. Kyara, close second was probably CAPSALOT (newest)
  9. Greetings, in this thread I will copy and paste a Wurm Unlimited Review everyday to see what steam users think of the game. Hopefully we can find some common complaints/praise and narrow down what is done right and what needs improvement for normal game users.
  10. I have been saying it for quite a while, advertising will not help because to most the game lacks appeal. For some reason so many individuals come up with some deluded fantasy that the only reason people do not play wurm is because they do not know about it, no its because it is not fun for the majority of people. You know what is more sad? I can already see on page 1 of this thread people getting mad at this guy for even daring to criticize the "great wurm online", when he brought up solid points throughout. In terms of premium however, not totally right there, I mean 2 months for 16e is better than 1 month of WoW for 15 USD. Not to mention that wurm allows for return on investment unlike a majority of games out there via cash sales. Also Who are you and why are you hiding behind a 1 post alt?
  11. I did this on golden valley, tried it with gold rings, it did not take off too well.
  12. Try Chaos or Epic, and play as a champion.
  13. +1 Lets take the ideas from epic that work and put them on Chaos, that was the point of epic iirc.
  14. 75ql