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  1. bump
  2. oy vey bump
  3. Big ole bump, reminder that the priest titles are worth it alone, even for someone on freedom to quietly hide a deed near the coast, with a priest and cast all day long.
  4. Totally agree, and I even bought accounts, hate the practice but gotta do it if everyone else is.
  5. +1
  6. We can work out the amount of accounts in the kingdom In terms of players, I cannot sell people that was banned in 1865 under the 13th amendment.
  7. bump
  8. bump haggling allowed
  9. Actually 2
  10. All important writs are set for alliance
  11. Comes with Capitol, and port deed!
  12. Looking to sell the Kingdom of GRATSALOT, on the Chaos Server. Looking for 200e No banners or flags yet, so you can design your own and add it to the game! MR Template
  13. I never was a fan of being able to change names, but wurm is such a tight knit community nowadays that word gets out who is on that acc and what it used to be. I mean even for pvp sakes, voice comms are such an essential part now that if you recognize a voice, its pretty easy to pinpoint who is on that acc after a name change. I get the arguments for both, and really do not care in the long run, I have 1-2 accs I would like to change the names of, but if I can't that is fine too.
  14. I call this piece, Dust in the Wind, Abstract I like to call this one, "Gatekeeper"