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  1. I am really dumb, 160-180e for that WS acc ez
  2. But the Red Cherry is completely negated anyway. 1.5k ez, pvpers would obviously pay more for the sotg, but its not a horrible timesink and you will be occupied while you wait.
  3. bamp
  4. honestly, anything that shows the enchant and makes them unique
  5. I agree, I know you can disable rare+ effects, so having the option to disable the particle effects would also fit well.
  6. This was something I suggested a super long time ago, but now with rare effects it is even more possible. Flaming Aura - Provides a fire glow, dripping flames Frostbrand - Frost glow, snowflakes Life Transfer - maybe a pure red glow or a white glow? Venom - Green glow, green particles Rotting Touch - blackish purple, rotting It is an aesthetically pleasing addition that would not doubt add to the game. Additionally allow it to be turned off through the settings maybe under bloom effects. (For pvpers worried about lag)
  7. Price of addy is based more on the freedom market of looking cool than the pvp practicality market @Cartier
  8. 70 FS and plate goes longer than anything
  9. This is a good game
  10. comic relief

    "Love the new pvp changes!"
  11. No
  12. Just not worth that much. For those willing to purchase the acc it may be important to note that those valuing it higher than others are friends of the seller. Good Luck with the sale.
  13. *coughs in japanese*
  14. He doesn't like me very much