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  1. Hello, Find myself in a similar situation. Have a building 12 story high, last story is with slate arcs. I can build a fence on the west and north side but not on the east and south side. The option fence does not come and if i chose add to crafting windows i get : [20:27:36] There is a fence or wall there. Action not allowed.
  2. Can you send this one to Cevanne please ? Thanks.
  3. Almost constant lag on Xanadu. Tracert gives normal values (15 hops / 23 ms max)
  4. tunnel goes from 2650/4050 to 2650/3244
  5. Hi, you did send a knife instead of a leather knife.
  6. Can you mail the leather knife coc85 to Cevanne please ? Thanks.
  7. eh, its a bit to costly. You ask 11 gold
  8. hi, Can you send it to Cevanne please ? Thanks.
  9. Hi, Thanks for this great work. Did try it out with 2 alt's. For the unbugged alt it works perfect. For my second bugged alt it does now work out (got huge axe instead of cooking). Seems to me that i need to use modula 118 instead of 138 for my bugged alt (he has only 118).
  10. There is a new tunnel on Xanadu: Passable by knarr's and small ships and by cart. Reinforced but still a lot of veins to cut.
  11. sry did not see it. 3s for lot 1 and 3s for lot 2
  12. 1s for the stone lot