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  1. It's a nice idea, but I think if we are gonna start having more stuff to carry around like books, we should be able to store them on book shelves (just make book shelves we have now a container) so we don't need to carry them all the time.
  2. [00:07:17] An aged fierce lava spider targets your right parts. There's a double space after your
  3. another update, after a bit more fiddling turning on GLSL shaders to core fixed the barding thing, where I generally have them off
  4. Resolved this thanks, issue was on my end. Not actually sure what it was Stanlee and Finn helped fix it thread can be closed
  5. I managed to fix my problem with the barding by fixing another problem I was having, not actually sure what I did that fixed it, but thought I'd update the situation!
  6. So, after the almanac update my client seems stuck on 12FPS which is a little annoying to say the least. Before this update I could happily manage 30FPS, 10-15 in a heavily built up area/ unique fight/ rift. I've no idea what could be causing this, as I haven't changed any settings, and FPS limiter is set 30 in background, 60 while active. Here's my console log, if anyone can help fix this please do, cause 12FPS is not a nice number edit: I should also mention, I have since this issue started, changed all my settings to the minimum which had no effect, other than making the game look horrible so put them back to my normal settings.
  7. I have the Radeon card running for wurm, but the Intel one runs other stuff I think, for some odd reason... unless I turned it off but I honestly don't remember. I do have a driver update for the Radeon to install now so I'll see if that changes anything if it does, I'll let you know.
  8. That deed is looking fantastic! I'm going for a similar feel to my house actually. I'd have turned the whole deed into a goth paradise but a certain mayor would rather dye it purple apparently....
  9. here ya go, sorry for the delay!
  10. I'm using a different PC these days, which is not run intel graphics
  11. Checked with another player who doesn't see this but I do, I have deleted the graphics.jar file and re downloaded and it's still like this. Seems to be an issue with the bridle as the 'spike' is not there when it's not equipped, and has been like this for me since the update which made them visible. Java up to date fwiw.
  12. following recipe doesn't work/ honey doesn't eat up when trying to cook
  13. drake hide

    Hi, I've got all I need now. Thanks anyway!
  14. drake hide

    Yes please, cod to Ehizellbob for 40c per 0.01, should be 3s 20c if my maths is correct!
  15. drake hide

    Bump - now paying 40c per 0.01