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  1. Journeya demoloished all the houses for what ever reason and left the deed to disband on its own. I wanted to keep it going but didn't have it in me to rebuild all the housing.
  2. So I have Mavv as my main who can ride unicorns and hell horses. He has 50 taming so I can tame but it is a pain in the ass. My priest can cast Charm spell but its a real pain to transfer ownership. First it takes 20 seconds to charm, which can be cancelled during the combat to charm. Than you have to give pet away which sometimes doesn't work and forces you bandage up and do the whole charm process again. A branded animal allows you to give permissions to other players. But if an animal is branded I found out you can not cast charm on it. So you lose that protection of branded if anything happens off deed and in theory you could lose horse gear. A couple of changes that I think would work especially now with being able to kit out unicorns and visible gear. 1 - Allow players to cast charm on a branded animal, allowing anyone with the skills to ride without going through all the hassle of giving pet away. 2 - Lower the timer of charm spell
  3. Id offer you 3 silvers
  4. A couple of ideas I wanted to bring up to make deeds stand out from one another. If a village wanted to have a common image as the pirate sign, they could standardize everything below to fit with that idea. - Would it be possible to change the graphics of the tables so they show plates and food ect on them when built. Would give a more lived in feeling for inns and homes. - Shield graphics. Make them like shop signs where you can pick from a list of images. Tabards could work the same way allowing villagers to all wear the village image. - Ship sails could also work the same as shop signs allowing you to pick what you want. - Banners and tall banners could also be assigned a list of images. Mavv
  5. 17 Silvers
  6. Awww don't sell your accounts. You might come back to wurm in the future Mavv
  7. Just wondering if this idea has been noticed by the devs and is planned for or not. I know lots of people would love to have some stuffed animals. Just a couple that I can think of. 1 - Stuffed black and brown bears 2 - Stuffed hell hounds 3 - Fish trophies of some kind 4 - Stuffed Pingpong 5 - PVP heads on a stick (pvp servers) 6 - Stuffed Wolves Mavv
  8. +1 I would at least give epic a fair try again if I could start on epic with mavvs freedoms skills as a starting point. I am sure a lot of people would try epic out as well if they could do the same. Mavv
  9. I personally would love the top of the mountains to have snow year round. so a +1 from me
  10. would be nice if we could put more than 100 items in a trash bin as well.
  11. - Can you add Ravenwood to the map please. its on an island on Colossus lake 16Y - 47X. Also there is a road connecting it to the east now. - A newly built guard tower at 17Y - 48X where there is also clay Mavv
  12. This thread can be closed. The deed is no longer running or accepting people. Mavv
  13. Hi. Please allow carpets to be stored in the large storage unit. That is all. Thanks. Mavv