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  1. Doing action related to mission goes into mission without send approval.
  2. I'd like to have wurm themed coffee mugs.
  3. +1, wild bee hives have same animation or none? I think i saw one swinging on branch like gymnast, but not sure tho.
  4. Well done!
  5. you become hots and get chance to make hots great again
  6. Have you tried contact here on facebook when you were about to sell of accounts? You said you even have eachothers phone numbers. As far as I know she always supported you and even trusted you her acoounts. Really, have you tried to reach here letting here know you were about to sell her out? Have you offered to pay her off after transaction is done? Why are Shagses so loud? You bought Eva's accounts?
  7. You know the feeling when you loose your wallet or forget it in a bar... panic, sweating... Pretty much good description when I asked myself now why did I blow my time and money into this game. Game is not fun for me anymore.
  8. Consider yourself lucky as you didn't invest too much your time and money in this crap.
  9. close it
  10. Can you try again.
  11. medium bow 80.53QL NB82 C88 2s7c CoD to Bramsky, thanks
  12. Two Handed Sword, Iron 90.25 coc90 n 86 LT77 2.5s CoD to Bramsky, thanks
  13. That's good idea Sme, thanks. I would still like to see, if possible, fix on source requirment as it make no sence as it is now and messages related to rift don't say you need 20kg of it anywhere.
  14. Hi, On Affliction rifts first wave has finished very long time ago, since first rift appeared i think (2016-06-13 12:15 AM). We decided to give it another try and finish second and third wave. We tried to sac 1kg of source salt but rift bar only went up to 5% (https://postimg.org/image/r51gymxsf/). I tried again to sac 0.12 of source and rift bar changed only by 1% (https://postimg.org/image/65xb11px1/), meaning lot more is needed then what it says in rift participation window or buy examining rift altar (https://postimg.cc/image/rhjb4qjml/). Can you pleas fix this so it actually needs 1kg to start second wave?
  15. Dear Alectrys and Tich, I provided screenshots where it says that you need 20 harts or 1kg (not 20kg) of source salt and in another one where it says you need 20 hearts or handfuls (1kg) (again not 20kg) of source salt. Maybe I missed something between the lines as english is not my native language. But I'm sure you are right and we need 20kg of source, it's just the message is not right. Anyway 20kg of source salt is more then 600 of source crystals and effort to gather them is not equal to killing 20 rift mobs and butchering them.
  16. Could you be so kind and explain it?
  17. This can't be right and it's probably oversight or simple mistake in code. 20kg of source salt is enourmous amount, too salty. I went yesterday on Release rift and took opportunity to take screenshot of requirement to start new wave. It says it needs 20.0 Rift hearts or 1kg of source salt. We tried to restart rift on Affliction before and I think we needed 20kg of source salt, this is silly requirement even for freedom population as we know 1 source salt is 0.03kg.
  18. Maybe it's not that complicated (no idea if it's technically possible). There are players 1. who only played on epic cluster 2. who only played on freedom cluster 3. who played both clusters You can give players one time option to choose while they use portal to transter their real skills in direction they choose or leave it indefenetly as option. Some will choose to transfer their skills from freedom to epic, others from epic to freedom some will continue to play as they have played before. Speaking for myself, I have 2 accounts (priest and main, switched roles on clusters) that I use on both clusters and one I stareted to use only on epic, all are prem. If this option would be given to me I would transfer my freedom main to epic, play on my freedom_priest/epic_main as it is and transfer my epic account to freedom. Ask for feedback, make some polls. Do something about it as situation now doesn't benefit CCAB or player community. Prob there will be players unhappy with solution, but players are also unhappy with situation as it is now. Anyway +1 for suggestion from start of the thread.
  19. Also, could you make clear what you said: "Epic has 2x skill tick size as well as the curve". I always thought there's just curve, what's stated at wurmpedia. What you said sounds like formula is y=2x+2x-(x/10)^2 instead of y=2x-(x/10)^2. What is right?
  20. I don't agree with this, that's just excuse for another reason whatever it was. I can only guess what reason it was. I never looked into epic curve function but I guess there's inverse function for it (there is online epic converter that calculates skills in each direction, effective and real skill value). I'm sure CC will do something about it as soon as you start losing money on it. Before that will see maybe few candy features like cooldown removal.
  21. Ppl should freely move their toons no matter what direction. They are paying for prem time. Why? So their skills are reset to zero? It's the dumbest thing in this game. Anyone that jumped from freedom to epic, and prob other way around, wished so they can have their skills. Most people are not willing to sacrifice their time on another cluster and prob only reason why they don't use portals for most of them even when 1h cooldown was removed. Ticks are hard to get and every tick counts.
  22. maul, iron 70ql NIMB87 LT78 COC78 - 3s40c CoD to Bramsky
  23. My epic portal is bugged. After using it 4 or 5 times in 30mins span to meditate i'm constantly getting refresh after using it again and it happens on all action after trying to portal to epic. I treid with an alt, same thing for him. I made new portal, same thing. I waited for an hour to try again and it was still the same. I tried unstalbe clients but no luck. Console and debug mode didn't show any error messages. Finially while writing this i got error massage in event: [11:36:22] An error was reported from the login server. Please try later or report this using /support if the problem persists. [11:36:22] You can not transfer right now. Which i had to copy from event logs since client stopped responding. Login to freedom works fine and login on an epic alt that was there all the time works fine. So, it's only issue with login while using portal.