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  1. +1 to being able to actually put things on tables and shelves for display or short term storage
  2. why cant things like source springs spawn for a short time and then disappear to re-spawn at a different location?
  3. He said its not a personal attack - nothing to see here. Looks like a nice tool, Ill give it a play later.
  4. hell yes! to champion hell hounds!
  5. I play Rising World enough to keep up with its updates. I enjoy its terraforming mechanics. Has a ways to go. However, I think they are aiming to go beyond medieval and into modern tech within the game. Not sure that will be for me. SotA is something im playing right now and liking it. However, its no sandbox the way wurm is. you can do pretty much what you want without following quests and there is a pretty decent economy developing for raw materials. There is no ability to change the land or claim land. it is much less theme park than ESO or WoW, but its no where near wurm. Having said all that, Im having a blast over there : ) Im all about graphics - if someone knows of a game like wurm with graphics like say Life Is Feudal, im interested : )
  6. I like this idea. I also think having a 'master' trait similar to rare, supreme and fantastic with tools would be interesting for animal breeding. each level of the rare trait would give a slight boost to current traits. I do not think this 'master' trait should be transferable through breeding, but it should mean that the particular animal that acquired this trait would have additional value. the birth of an animal with a 'master' trait would be very rare and big news
  7. poll

    I have talked to a few persons recently that tried Wurm and quit very quickly due to issues with first person perspective. One even said it induced vertigo. I think a 3rd person perspective OPTION would bring a lot of positive attention to Wurm
  8. CC could have a concept competition where they select the 3 submitted concepts they like most. There should also be the possibility of crafting some statues from other materials - think silver I also think it would be cool to maybe make a new statue from a rare drop recipe. 1:100 drop chance for humanoids or something. the food recipe drops are interesting, why not have more recipes/design plans be the subject of rare drops??
  9. Im not suggesting the pvp creatures or system, im thinking pve specific here. Well, I dont really see a heavy lore background for Wurm. If a reason were to be needed, maybe it would be all these rift events. These energy beams blasting and altering the landscape across the lands of Wurm are probably disturbing the land's natural balance. Im thinking silver weapons would offer an advantage - they wouldn't be a necessity. Just another use for silver if you will. Im not suggesting a new healing method. Water is the current healing method for acid injury. Just suggesting variety. Far as Im concerned, there cannot ever be too many creature types. We've got building almost perfect, Food is now crazy complicated and interesting - Let's add to the adventure / hunting / fighting side of the game
  10. agree there should be motivation to take any skill higher. i support rework that makes animal husbandry more attractive as more skill is gained. Picking an animal name as a rather obvious downside (think inappropriate names or names that are not fit for the period). Perhaps at as certain level, you get a choice of 5 to 10 names in a menu format.
  11. While grinding mining, ive accumulated quite a bit of silver. Got me to thinking. Been a while since we have had any new creatures introduced... think fog spider. I suggest undead versions of wolves, bears, wild cats, etc be added to the game. I'd like them to be tougher than their living, breathing cousins. I'd also like them to be creatures of the night or creatures to be found in deep dark mines or they might be stirred from their slumbers soon after a rift event. Night is generally a more dangerous time - except in Wurm. Unless of course you fall off a ledge because you cant see when its dark : ) Thinking these creatures could be more rare than other creatures, but maybe more common than fog spiders - only seen a few of these myself. I would think that existing assets could be deployed with minor modification to show some ribs, red glowing eyes and other scary features. Save some development resource for other planned additions to the game. Would be nice if undead creatures caused wounds that required less used methods of healing - for instance using water to heal acid wounds. Variety, its a sandbox afterall. In order to have an advantage against these ungodly creatures, silver weapons could be deployed. Normal weapons would work, but with penalties. Silver would be much more efficient. This could also solve the issue of having to deploy pumpkin spiders for halloween- Halloween would become a real nightmare!! I bet if the devs were to start on this now, we could have a very interesting Halloween treat this year. What yall think?
  12. yes... i have a few 'folders' in my backpack. These folders do not 'contain' items so whatever is kept in the folders is counted individually toward backpack item count limit. I prefer keeping the overall pack count low for the odd occasion when im foraging / botanizing or harvesting and want to carry the max number of items possible. I dont mind the weight of a backpack or a large tool bag.
  13. Neither a fishing pole nor a range pole will fit in a large chest. A large chest is a catch all and coffins? I really dont enjoy using coffins for anything. Im thinking of a specialized tool chest that holds large tools that might be shared among villagers. I dont generally park carts / wagons in random locations and call them "storage units". Our farming area on Xanadu is quite a ways from our main compound, so it would be nice to have a place to keep tools in that area that looks fit for purpose. The other part is some measure of damage reduction. I was away for a while and the tools I kept in my cart on deed were in a pretty bad state of decay. Not saying take all decay away.... no... just reduce it some. Next would be a large tool bag that keeps the large tools that one carries in their backpack in a nice tidy state. : )
  14. A tool chest that can be placed next to farming area and hold tools such as rakes, scythes, shovels, etc. Would also like to be able to place it in cart or wagon. Not thinking it would stop all tool decay, just reduced decay and convenient storage.
  15. Big +1 for this... and while we're at it.... Lets make wagons and carts follow terrain again rather that always be stuck in flat (horizontal) mode - I like to see whats behind me sometimes