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  1. Then what does the ability to pick something up based on? Can renaming be switched to match the pick up permission?
  2. I holeheartedly agree
  3. I am looking to purchase the following bulk mats: Stone Bricks - 3k Mortar - 5k Marble Bricks - 5k Planks - 2k Small Nails - 1k Possibly more... The mats need to be delivered to the southeast corner of F13 on Xanadu (see the map in the spoiler). There is a boat tunnel that allows knarr's and small boats through. Contact me via forum pm
  4. While there are several ways to currently make secret doors, having a real method would be super cool. +1
  5. Two new videos today!!! Don't forget to visit our Patreon page to access the bonus video for free!
  6. Two new videos are available for early release on our Patreon page exclusive to our Patrons. Consider supporting our show through our Patreon page and get early access to all of our content.
  7. Episode 1 is released! Have a great day!
  8. Played on WU for a bit and it made me miss tree collision very much. A big +1 from me for bringing back tree collision.
  9. 3s
  10. Hey all! We have created a new introduction video for our Youtube channel and thought we would share it. Our first episode will be released in 1 week on Wednesday June 14.
  11. Hi, I'll buy the 88woa clay please. Send to Griphyth. Thanks.
  12. Thought id give an update since I seem to have finally fixed the issue. Reinstalling my graphics driver seemed to work. What is weird is that it seemed that the graphics driver was installed properly. All other games worked fine. Only Wurm was affected. Anyway...all fixed
  13. It doesnt take that high masonry to get to a point where you rarely fail at making mortar. Of course if you compare two players, one with level 1 masonry making mortar and the other with level 1 stonecutting cutting bricks, the brick maker will fail less. However this evens out by around 30 skill which doent take very long at all. So the argument that only super high skilled veterans can make mortar effectively isnt true.
  14. Have you tried the unstable client. On my computer it runs way better than the stable client. I can mow put all setings to max and get a consistent 80fps. Not to mention the game looks beautiful with the new renderer. All previous issues i have had with the unstable client have been resolved. Give it a try and see for yourself.