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  1. Would be interesting to get a glimpse into current project. I've been very curious about this since his announcement.
  2. Horse drawn carts and wagons can pass through all single doors now.
  3. Hi, just curious to know if the old pottery floors are gone or is there another recipe for them? Thanks.
  4. I do like the new pottery floors as well. Are the old pottery floors still availabe or are they completely replaced by the new pottery floors?
  5. Hi, I am attempting to use unstable client once again to see how it goes and lots of previous issues i have had have been resolved. It runs great by the way! The problem I am having is after about an hour of playing I am getting this lag that starts building and building. At first, i get some very minor hitches...and this gets worse and worse as the hitches start becoming about 1 second or longer and more frequent. It reminds me of the old memory leak issues we used to get a long time ago when we went on a long journey. However, this was occurring while i was on my deed the entire time. Any advice or things to look into to alleviate this would be appreciated. Thanks! PS I really want to use the unstable client exclusively because the game looks so much prettier!
  6. Send the 99botd 100ql whetstone to Griphyth
  7. While this might benefit pvp, Id like to suggest increasing local on pve servers. I often find myself chatting to local only to find out that the two people imchatting with cant see eachother. This happends even with two neighbouring deeds.
  8. Ive been having these crashes as well and so have others I have talked to. Retro had mentioned some tweeking of the polling rates on Xanadu. Could the changes possibly be causing this?
  9. Hi, I am on a brand new computer. After having issues with the unstable client, i switched to using the stable client. I am running into crashes after a while. The game runs fine for a while and then it starts the game freezes for a second. Then it all gets bogged down and crashes. It has happened a couple times. The first time i was travelling so i figured it might be memory leak related. The second time i was in one spot for several hours digging then it started up again. Here is the crash log. Maybe someone can help me?
  10. Thanks Brash. I tried everything. Turning off anti aliasing, changing monitor refresh rate and turning off vsync (both in the nvidia control panel and in the game settings). I also tried the power control mode, but i have no idea why that would help. Nothing has stopped the flickering. I noticed that the flickering is only happening to the wall and floor textures (maybe it is house textures). Its like the wall texture is being rendered in front of the grass for a frame. No other object in the game is experiencing this.
  11. It is a pre built laptop. Doubt the issue is that the computer is struggling. Getting nearly 100fps most of the time. The computer is an i7 7700HQ and nvidia gtx 1060. Pretty sure its ok. The temp of both the cpu and gpu is under 70C so not over heating. Here is a post of the console log. Let me know if i did this right cause im pretty dumb when it comes to this sort of thing. I logged in using the unstable client and then found the log that corresponds to the player i logged in with. Is that right?
  12. Just got a new computer and went to test out the unstable client. It looks great and I am getting way better fps compared to the stable client on high settings (about 40 fps on stable vs 90+fps on unstable). There is one issue that I am noticing with the unstable client which is that some textures are flickering. I noticed it when some wall textures started flickering through the grass. I made a video showing this:
  13. Are you the owner of them?
  14. I have had this problem since the start on my mac. Can't wait to see if anyone knows the solutions. Currently I just go to the website, click play and run the file that gets downloaded. This allows me to open a second client. Would be nice if the desktop icon worked to open a second client though.
  15. Kitchen - for all the new cooking stuff