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  1. hey 50silver via paypal at 50€ pls send as gift and in eur. pm me and we can deal
  2. I got this feeling when i do glasshollow spawn and market.... now im in difrent mood about all time wasted
  3. got orders filled by now from 5 persons i belive they will make it just fine can close this now
  4. hello everyone, sad news my old wurm friend Robert Haggard from East US known as Meldichoir gone missing, he invest in wurm thousend of dollars and alot of time, we try phone call, forums, email and even paypal inovice for 100000€ no respond for more then 2 month. everyone who got any info what is going on with him or if he die pls inform me here or ingame as paulofdune. tnx everyone for help
  5. i always enjoy in this videos and i see even black pearl great times and i hope one will be made soon for xanadu and i would see glasshollow there
  6. no need i make clear and nice for more info pm me -:D well everyone who got skill and iterest alredy do but heh tnx all for free bumps
  7. only 6 stacks left to do if someone interested.
  8. try pm and you will get full list of items.
  9. Beh guys seems only elwood can do that sort of job.
  10. that is just ripoff all knows
  11. nah more like 414 tools carp and fine carp
  12. Well i always think rl job is fun skill and offline charter must make money... so buy merchants place em at popular market stock em well and enjoy more real life.
  13. just check event logs