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  1. It's that new asbestos cloth... if you are riding behind one make sure to hold your breath!
  2. It shouldn't affect performance unless you are running short on hard drive space. Since they are just text files I can't imagine any serious impact.
  3. I think in the near future we will be doing one at Absys Cathedral on Release. We will post when plans are more certain.
  4. Hi Evening! I would like to take that dirt off your hands I should be able to get there this weekend for sure but very possibly tonight if that works for you I can't pass up a deal! hehehe I am GMT-7... so probably in the neighborhood of 9 hours from now? Might be a bit more depending how much I have to offload from my ships
  5. If you manage another set like this for this price, please let me know I will take it off your hands anytime!
  6. If you should need more in the future, let me know. I can help
  7. I may be able to help Merumba. I will check when I get in game tonight.
  8. Thanks all for the responses. Found someone to haul my ashes . Well, technically I will be hauling them myself, but I am all set for now.
  9. Hello all, looking for several thousand ash if the price is right. Would appreciate waterfront delivery to Release although pickup is also possible. Contact Abbynormal in game or here on forums.
  10. This is looking great folks! I started on Newspring so am glad to see it is getting some love!
  11. I will be back within a couple days to at least check my deeds. Sorry I have been away so much! Anbynormal
  12. I've got it! I'm still not sure just what I'm gonna do with it... but I've got it! Very cool place
  13. Storage for saddles and fishing poles! Awesome
  14. I would be wishing I had about 450 to spend
  15. Hi Gunnbjorn,

    I understand you won't be online until Friday or so... If you have not already sold your island deed, I would like to take it from you for 20s.

    I will have to figure out which alt to take it over :)  I have a character near by who has the money, Abbysomething is just south of you up the hill from the water.  I will drop you a line as soon as I know who is headed that way!  If it sells in the meantime, no hard feelings ;)  I just don't want to miss out on a nice deed like that with a great mine if I have a chance !!

    If you want to answer in game, Try Abbynormal or Megacide... one of them is online pretty much any time I am.


    1. Kyleshandra


      Drat... I just saw the message below.  Ah well, congrats to Eleraan... if they change their mind for any reason, please let me know!