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  1. That wagon is very cool Retrograde, thanks for clarifying the upgrade path for the beams... I was getting nervous since I have about 700 support beams I am just starting to apply to my mine tunnel.. I hated to think they were gonna be outdated! This works!!! Love the new textures for everything!
  2. I have played on several different servers under a range of names. I have looked through the log files and such but can't find any way to tell which characters have played on which servers. Has anyone figured a way to do this? For instance, on one server, I have about 4 characters... I have used a couple of those same names on other servers but I'm not sure if I have used 2 or 3, etc... It sure seems like somewhere there should be a list of servers a given name has been used on. Thanks, Abby
  3. I apologize, I forgot to follow up on that! Do you still need hide Merumbra?
  4. Very good question actually But I haven't found any of the above so I hoped maybe someone here knew something. Abby
  5. Does anyone have a map for this server by any chance? I'm enjoying the layout but I'd love an overview Thanks
  6. Not a bad idea as far as the progressive upkeep, I just wish I had noticed that it was coming... I bet that's what happened...I think I logged in with Yumadome instead of Kyle... Ah well...
  7. Duplicate post
  8. I can't believe Kyle's Korner (or is it Kyle's Klearing?) lapsed (down in the SE). I thought for sure I had left months of upkeep there... Timbuktwo still had like 250 days left! I haven't been up to check Central Parking yet but was there early in the year so hopefully it is intact. If the current owner would be willing to at least let me get the contents of my magical chest back I would really appreciate it. maybe a few of the supplies I had stockpiled? You are welcome to keep the chest itself I believe the new name of the deed is Mos Eisley or something like that? Abbynormal, aka-Yumadome, aka-Kyleshandra
  9. premier services

    It's no hurry, just something I'll want to do sometime It can certainly wait until you schedule relaxes some ! Almost any time I am online, either Abbynormal or Megacide will be on line.
  10. premier services

    That's very cool to know... I may need to ask you to travel beyond your normal range one of these days for a whirlwind tour of all my deeds! hehehe And only the sending mailbox needs the rune?
  11. premier services

    Do you know if a runed mailbox allows sending of lamps and such?
  12. It's that new asbestos cloth... if you are riding behind one make sure to hold your breath!
  13. It shouldn't affect performance unless you are running short on hard drive space. Since they are just text files I can't imagine any serious impact.
  14. I think in the near future we will be doing one at Absys Cathedral on Release. We will post when plans are more certain.
  15. Hi Evening! I would like to take that dirt off your hands I should be able to get there this weekend for sure but very possibly tonight if that works for you I can't pass up a deal! hehehe I am GMT-7... so probably in the neighborhood of 9 hours from now? Might be a bit more depending how much I have to offload from my ships