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  1. Another possibility would be to search your email for 'wurm'... somewhere there may be an email from when you first created him or prem'd him.
  2. Niki, before the update, I leveled HFV using stews but I played with meals too to check the difference... at the time, stews were marginally better for me because they gave slightly better characteristic gains and meals gave slightly better HFC gains. Since we can still make meals the old way, I don't see why that wouldn't still work for you to grind HFC.
  3. As I recall, even when we couldn't walk through trees, the mobs moved through them without hinderance. I assumed it was much like the fact that we can't move easily up and down cliffs but mobs can. That reason being server load. If the server had to handle fatigue for every mob it would slow things down... if it had to figure collisions for every mob it would be the same sort of thing. I am not a big fan of trying to dodge through a forest when the trolls can walk straight through.
  4. If you do much smithing, a rare forge is awesome! Heats much faster and the fuel seems to burn a whole lot longer I can't say for certain since I haven't done side by side comparison but it seems like your working lumps stay glowing lots longer too.
  5. Pkerguy, I just wanted to let you know that the rare knife I (as TarlCabot) got from you for the impalong was put to very good use. I apologize to all concerned for not keeping better track of the names but someone was good enough to imp it to crazy levels for me and then we got a nice WoA cast on it. Many items benefitted from that knife! As a matter of fact, possible customers might like to know that, using that knife, Tarl was actually making chopped veggies 7QL higher than they started Since some of the veggies were 93Ql or higher, I was actually making a lot of the only 100QL items I ever expect to produce!
  6. All good people, I got to know some of the Cele crowd at Shrimpiie's party, err.. impalong. Lots of fun... Kristof is a little odd but Pandy seems to be good at keeping others safe around him!
  7. Be careful sitting on your discord... if it gets stuck the wrong way it's embarrassing and people will talk!
  8. Joe! You're back!
  9. My priest, TarlCabot escaped from Chaos to Cele several years ago. I can't for the life of me remember the kind soul who took me in at Inferno Flats, just north of the starter. MajorPC was around periodically. That is where I attended my first impalong.. I had no idea of what was going on other than I carried a lot of water and fuel. I finally brought him back to my other chars on Xan and have now mostly joined Elizarya at Absys Cathedral on Release. I remember an abandoned deed call Rose Hill just south of us... had the biggest building I had seen to date on it... I tried to find the owner to buy the building but never managed to reach them. I hate seeing that much work fade away!
  10. Two very different issues The bridges was a question of adding a 3d object into a 2d game, and while the multistory buildings did the same thing somewhat, bridges have to be able to connect between diffeent objects and such... no small task, especially if you prefer (like I do) that your char not take a suicide leap off a connection at random times. The animals betwen servers is a database issue... if you have a set number of animals allowed on a server at one time, what do you do if you are at that limit and now Silas decides to restock his horse superstore with 100 shiny new 5 speeds... something would have to adjust...
  11. Gotta have pumpkin pie and plain toffee... and Shrimpiie gumbo... after that, please add an assortment of meals that brings it to 2s... if you would, lean toward the less complex ones with harvestable, rather than forage only ingredients... other than that, surprise me! Please send to Megacide I think I have lemon drizzle, bangers and mash, and birthday cake already.
  12. Para has been working on some stuff for me and has been great. They have been patient with me screwing up the perms even though I know it had to be irritating! I would definitely recommend them!
  13. I need 25 year foods... how else can I prep for TEOTWAWKI! I have my backpack, my reedpen to drink through (I filled it with cotton!), a pottery bowl full of beef jerky, a satchel of gold and silver lumps... what am I forgetting.... oh right... spare quivers of was arrows... is 12 full quivers enough? Hmmm... Enki may still be around... better make it 24 quivers... he loves those zombies...
  14. I appreciate the post... especially ince the title made it clear what it was... easy to ignore if you choose
  15. /me checks code .sub roll rift reward. ..random 1..1000 ...itemdrop if random =(1..pscore) ..if charactername Nadroj ..itemdrop if random =(1..pscore/100) .endsub There you go, mystery solved!