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  1. +1
  2. Yes it's LetMeOut Thanks everyone and I really want that title
  3. [09:08:23] You have played 1000 days, 13 hours and 23 minutes. OK where is my no life title!!
  4. +1 But sell the license to do so at Wurm Shop.
  5. Oh ya I want a Pink Unicorn with flaming horse shoes
  6. Logged in twice now and just crashed right out.
  7. Hmm that could be the reason Finnn the weapons I use all have high coc.
  8. The parent skill Polearms should be looked at it doesn't seem balanced. I have 93 staff 90 spear 90 halberd and less then 66 in parent skill. Even if you say its like that for future weapons I'd still say it is broke
  9. How much?
  10. I'm fine with the cash shop idea. Hope it has 1 shot tomes. ( better duck into the mine the flames will be incoming)
  11. Loving all the new stuff but ( oh come on you knew that was coming) there has been this orphan project that has been left for years. maybe even forgot about. The Temple mission how much longer do we have to look at the ? bag.
  12. logged out because server was nor responding now I can not get back in either..fresh hamster please
  13. still in but unplayable