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  1. be there with asidecay too if its after rift
  2. Forgot all that cursing could be heard in local
  3. Thanks Everyone
  4. Finally got around to grinding out my first 100 skill. [06:56:53] Carpentry increased to 100 [07:00:57] Your title is now Legendary Architect. Shout out to Pingpong who had to listen to me whine thru the later stages of the grind. Glad this grind is over so I can get back to grinding if that make sense. Time to break that 10k skill point barrier.
  5. lol just become a Lib priest
  6. +1
  7. Have said it before and will say it again, change the hide/scale drop to the same amount for everyone in local if 10 or 100 player let's say .25 as an example. Take the tomes off them and sell 1 shot tomes on traders. As long as you have a item worth 3g on them there will be private kills. Hide/scale drop amount and tomes are root cause.
  8. +1
  9. ok who cast zombie on this?
  10. The game will never be mainstream get over it unless you turn it into a wow clone. I could care less bout the value of my toon, if the game shut down tomorrow I could play WU or Ark whatever I want.
  11. you can do whatever you want on your own WU server stop trying to reinvent the game here.
  12. Pagani repeat after me...When you see a noob say GET OFF MY LAWN !! trust me it works been using it for years.
  13. -1 hell they do not even bury if they are on foot..but hey that's ok I have made a few silvers burying other players kills. Thank You for the upkeep : P