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  1. I'll have to see if I can fiddle with these options myself to see if they help with my weird issues I get around trees sometimes. I swear the root of it has to be too many visually-overlapping complex semi-transparent textures (fir tree branches are a great example), but I'm not qualified to say.
  2. I'd say that bashing a lamp of any realistic QL will cost far, far more time and energy than just getting someone to cast Bless on a new one.
  3. Dude, you KNOW we've always been at war with Eastasia.
  4. No response, comment, or confirmation?
  5. I've seen a very small handful of sea creatures in southern Xanadu over my entire time playing. I have no idea why they're so rare, but they do exist... technically.
  6. Some recipes just can't be scaled up in size. I couldn't say why. That question I leave to mystics and soothsayers.
  7. You don't need taming or body control skill in order to breed hell horses or hitch them to vehicles, so those skills have nothing to do with them unhitching.
  8. Won't the new mailing rates for combined resources mean that some items are vastly more expensive to mail, if their standard unit size is more than 1kg? EDIT: Pseudonymous sources reveal that it indeed now costs 4c to mail a single 20kg rock shard. The opposite effect is probably happening with things that have very tiny standard unit sizes, like source salt; 5kg of source is quite a bit!
  9. Everyone is able to do it; it's not new.
  10. I've seen the math the game uses for calculating which affinity you get from a meal. For many characters, it is in fact literally impossible for them to get all all affinities.
  11. Now that two-tile wide cave entrances will be implemented, could The Powers That Be possibly consider modifying highway rules to include reinforced floors (with surrounding tiles reinforced as well) as part of a valid highway, assuming they meet other criteria such as being 2+ wide the whole way through? This way, tunnels could be properly protected parts of a highway in addition to roads and bridges.
  12. Oh, it's definitely Rolf.
  13. If you're still getting the "bad for your karma and is disallowed on this server" message, I think that exclusively refers to problems with deed permissions. Can you do normal taming, or does that result in the same message?
  14. Bear in mind that tower guards will die of old age eventually, although I'm not sure how long they normally last.