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  1. This isn't game-breaking, but still holds many more items (both in quantity and volume, probably) than a satchel is supposed to. So the existence of odd one-off items like this isn't a huge problem, but he is still attempting to profit off a known exploit, and that's no bueno.
  2. Does this mean the info is server-wide, so that once one person gets a given piece of information, it's added to the almanac for everyone on that server? If not, it might be a good idea, since the information can be freely shared anyway.
  3. I use nVidia, but two things that made a huge difference to me: Disabling vsync in the Wurm options and enabling it in my graphics driver's settings instead. Wurm's built-in vsync, however it works, trashed my FPS. Disabling transparency AA in my graphics driver settings. This also goofed up my FPS. I'm not referring to all AA, just transparent texture AA, which is separate, at least in nVidia's control panel. This may or may not be relevant to your situation, at all, but if I have a broader point to make it's that you can get FPS increases, sometimes dramatic ones, from unexpected places.
  4. Bumping because https://wurmpedia.com now seems to no longer function properly at all (lots of page elements missing), and https://forum.wurmonline.com doesn't work on the new host.
  5. Yep. Attaching a rare part would only give a chance to make it rare, not supreme. It's not a 1% chance, though. When you attach a rare+ part (or get a rare+ moment of inspiration), the chance to transfer rarity to the item is 1 in <number of total parts the item requires>. So if a forge requires 22 parts, a supreme brick has a 1 in 22 chance of making it supreme. Due to a semi-recent bugfix, this is also how it works when starting an unfinished item, not just when attaching.
  6. Barely matters as long as alcohol remains horribly bugged.
  7. If we can do it with trellises, why not with the hedges? +2.7
  8. Will pottery floors be changed (or given new options) to match the type of brick that the new brick walls will have? As-is, they would clash pretty severely.
  9. If it says sandstone, I assume we'll be mining sandstone. However, this is Wurm, so we probably make sandstone out of sand and honey or something similarly troubling.
  10. Will the pottery floor texture be altered to match the red brick style texture of the new walls? The marble walls look surprisingly rough, but it's hard to judge by a single screenshot.
  11. I'll have to see if I can fiddle with these options myself to see if they help with my weird issues I get around trees sometimes. I swear the root of it has to be too many visually-overlapping complex semi-transparent textures (fir tree branches are a great example), but I'm not qualified to say.
  12. I'd say that bashing a lamp of any realistic QL will cost far, far more time and energy than just getting someone to cast Bless on a new one.
  13. Dude, you KNOW we've always been at war with Eastasia.
  14. No response, comment, or confirmation?