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  1. Yeah, if there would be a way to find out which recepies to cook for asked affinity that would be awesome. I belive it does, since someone is selling desired affinity meals just based on 2 taste tests... Also would be nice to know how long will affinty last from each recepie
  2. When taming with combined grass it should use just one portion not the whole thing no matter how big it is, so we can maintain coc for animal taming grinding
  3. But affinity time you get is much longer for distilled drinks than for beer, 0.2kg of 30ish brandy gives me more than 1h(i can only imagine the higher ql ones) and same amount of 60ish beer gives me 45 minutes. And also distils can age, I have use for my early under 10ql whiskey and others which i cannot say for my early beers xD
  4. Seems to me that it is milking that is bugged here not dairy food making xD If milking would give milk ql scaled to skill instead of always 100 there wouldn't be problem....
  5. Send one to Kochinac pls
  6. And also in real life dual wielding 2 longswords(wurm longsword is actually one handed arming sword in history, longsword is two handed sword but they messed up terminology a bit as other video games) is actually not effective, for sure less effective than wielding twohanded sword(in history this is actualy called longsword or great sword depending on size), and probably less effective than wielding just single one handed sword so i'm quite pleased that it is (i don't belive intentional) more realistic... Regardles that you think that holding 2 swords is more effective in real life or it looks cool in fact it isn't. Just my thought on the subject
  7. I really don't understand need for this o.O Could you please explain your reasoning devs cuz it looks like stupid idea and totaly unecessary...
  8. +1 I would definetly love this feature
  9. Like the title says, i want to buy rare sailing boat, no wood type, quality or rune required. Message me with offer here please
  10. [22:47:36] The Horde of the Summoned tall kingdom banner will not fit in the shelf. To my knowledge, they can't fit anything, not sure if runes help.... And also it looks like the shelf wood type mismatch is kept on storage units made before fix and afects only the ones made after fix or i'm mistaken?
  11. wagon with bed inside in which i can sleep for camping trips would be awesome I would also like more spezialized vechicles
  12. It's something, but we still need better options for storing tall banners more effective...
  13. Got 5h affinity from one bite Definetly worth the money, i recomend to everyone
  14. I would like tasting kit on Kochinac pls
  15. @Retrogradeis stuff aware of any problems?