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  1. 3.5s
  2. -1 for obvious reasons
  3. +1 for craftable masks that protect face
  4. The fact that you don't see map pointer of your location but that you have to turn your brain on in order find your way is what won me over with this game. It was so exciting back in the days, a real adventure and i would never like to see such option implemented. Using dioptra on Sol to give you back ingame coordinates(like G geografic latitude and 8 geografic longitude not uselles north west regions :D) with accuracy based on ql and some your skill would be logical though
  5. 1h + from 200g of 50ish liquor is fine by me. but 10 minutes for same amount from simmilary hard liquor, that's ridicilous. I also think gin has simmilar results as beer although it's harder to make, but those are slightly worst than regular brandy...
  6. It seems to me that there is something wierd with affinity times for brandy. 100g of 50ish brandy gives me around 30ish minutes of farming affinity which i find satisfying. And green apple brandy gives me 10 minutes from 250g of 53ql which i find really low considering regular brandy and fact that fruit brandy is sligthly more complicated to make I expected atleast same same affinity times. I belive simmilar situations is for other fruit brandies although i haven't tested them all. Not sure how long are timers for very high ql drinks but it would be nice to have them on par with meals that gives 5h buffs in order to keep beverages skill usefull
  7. Well maybe it should affect it. Skill grinding is very unballanced and different from skill group to skill group, not sure what's the reason for that. But it's not logical to me that some stuff require(allow you) to invest in better ql tools and enchants in order to get better results and other stuff doesn't. Rarity of stattuete should help casting, but it doesnt as far as i know which is also dissapointing
  8. No reason that coc on statuete doesn't have effect on chanelling grind too tbh. I agree on coc gloves or rings for botanazing/tracking/potery etc
  9. 13s if wood type is oak or cedar....
  10. I actually quite enjoyed the pun behind these 2, almost make me forget my ocd desire to have everything realistic A llitle bit of fun like this from time to time is good
  11. +1 for attaching anchor. It's annoying to carry it and keep in ships invetory, half of the time i forget to drop it
  12. Yeah, if there would be a way to find out which recepies to cook for asked affinity that would be awesome. I belive it does, since someone is selling desired affinity meals just based on 2 taste tests... Also would be nice to know how long will affinty last from each recepie
  13. When taming with combined grass it should use just one portion not the whole thing no matter how big it is, so we can maintain coc for animal taming grinding
  14. But affinity time you get is much longer for distilled drinks than for beer, 0.2kg of 30ish brandy gives me more than 1h(i can only imagine the higher ql ones) and same amount of 60ish beer gives me 45 minutes. And also distils can age, I have use for my early under 10ql whiskey and others which i cannot say for my early beers xD