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  1. I sent alt to bring lantern to my priest who was in cave and had to redo hedge with him when i realized i can't enter cave directly, no it didn't make it a bit easier it made it much harder Road to hell is paved with good intentions i guess But all in all i got my mask, i might even force myself to finish cave and house with alt Good work btw, mazes are mindblowing, made me hate myself for doing it just for stupid mask and forced me to draw map at the end, it was fun all in all, just i wish they arent that time consuming and that you warned people to bring lanterns and tar.
  2. They don't fit anything, that's the problem and with only 4 per tile for planting they are impposible for storing
  3. Fair point but this all seems very streched to me... Have no expirience with lava but is it realy that easy to spawn to present 100% posibility for abuse. Trolls if passenger and is it realistic to work? How many trolls do you need and for how long? Houses are problem when blocking people access to their vehicles, but i think that gm should be obliged to respond that under griefing if not already. But my opionin in general is whatever isnt on deed there should be a risk of loosing it by another player even on freedom...
  4. +1 it's no different from secured items at certain dmg that becomes unsecured which we have now and i'm curious how people fail to see that. Also would be nice if i didnt grind my lockpicking just for pvp. Correct me if im wrong but there is no way to intentionaly bash or destroy locked bsb,wagon, ship, cart, etc so i don't see how could you abuse this? O.o
  5. I use corbitas to organize crates, easy to make and more practical for wood, dirt, stone, etc than bsb. Someone said that they can be pushed into mine wall so they don't take much space, still have to try that one
  6. Hunting combined with butchering is very profitabile curently imo, plus you have chance for rare coins on just hunting. But i agree there are skills that need much love compared to others...
  7. +1 the greatest benefit i see would be to prevent grouping animals on unacesible ground
  8. @Alectrys @Retrograde Can we get confirmation that it was intended for mead to age as Aeryck said and the curent situation is therefor bug, or is it on purpose not to age?
  9. huge +1 no reason not to behave like wine. At least it can give a little bit of value to now worthless honey...
  10. +1 Note if tall banner doesnt fit that container by volume i don't in what it can fit
  11. Corbitas are great as crates containers now as for the suggestion i would more like option to lower sails to help with docking as sugested many times before. +1 for ship rework
  12. 3c
  13. For the love of god, improve your English a bit.English isn't my mother language but your sentences are pain to eyes. As for your comments, i know it's frustrating, I my self can be short tempered and can have high expectations, but this game improved so much lately, and stuff is doing great job so i think your comments are unfair and off the place. Counter argumenting your every post would be too tiring though.