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  1. Don't forget to turn out the lights on the way out - grin
  2. @Eject I gave Citadel a lot of chances to do things right. It cost me three corrupt database and a corrupted server map (which caused a loss of three days of server work since the last backup unfortunately). Citadel response was always to blame the Wurm server software and to never admit that poor administrative process/training/behaviour on the part of Citadel had anything to do with it. In reading your messages going back months now, I feel that you have even gone further then I did in allowing them a fair chance to fix their problems. At this point I encourage you to consider your other options. You likely hosted the Wurm servers so you and your friends could have fun. I doubt very much you hosted this server so you could spend so much time having to worry about it. If you feel comfortable with your linux skills is a company I rented a dedicated server from. At this time my cost was about $110 CDN per month, included DDOE protection and allowed me to run six Wurm servers on the same box. Never had a single problem that was related to the server or the service they provided. Any extremely rare problems that happened on OVH were my fault. We also successfully defended against 9 DDOE attacks without any impact on the servers or the players. I believe ovh also have options for windows servers although I never used that option due to the need for a Windows server license. They have other data centres around the world as well. Others have provided positive feedback about providers they have used. I recommend you consider your options. ~Nappy
  3. We did this on Desolation 3 in the anti-cheat mod and it worked well. Basically we filtered what was sent to the client so that any non-visible veins were actually sent as if they were rock tiles. Mine entrances were the key touchy thing to consider carefully. Completely server side. You can do a number of things like this to prevent cheating if you think it through from a server data viewpoint.
  4. The original questions listed in the initial post of this thread have been answered and some visible steps forward have been presented. Please close.
  5. I can understand this viewpoint as well. I really enjoy the variety offered on WU and have largely discovered that as the grind has disappeared with higher skill gain/action speeds the amount of creativity that is now available to me has significantly increased as well. Calypso is a good server to try out if you want to see a server that is focused on no real grind and maximum creativity. With that said, I also like PVP. If WO brought out a new single PVP server that's 5 - 10 x skill/action then I would seriously and very strongly consider premium for a new account and give that new server a real try. I really have no interest in playing the grind game anymore at 1 to 2x speeds.
  6. I think it's all perspective. WU also waited months and months and months for 1.3 to come to WU. If WU was the primary focus do you honestly not believe that WU would have received it sooner? Then again, if we were to compare Code Club revenue from WU in the last year versus WO revenues, I wonder which one paid more?
  7. server

    Sorry just saw this now. I currently have no servers running so unable to check again. May have been a conflict pre 1.3 with one of the approximately 59 mods that were running at the time.
  8. How is this going?
  9. Isn't Army trying that with his new server in WU? Been meaning to check it out to see how it's going.
  10. The need for a merge or not is really just a symptom. The root cause of the apparent need is low population. Thing is much of Epic apparently merged with Chaos anyway by purchasing accounts etc. A year later population on Chaos is even lower despite the influx. The key to PVP growth is fixing root cause issues that have led to low population. Those seem to be: - Fix things that make the game feel unfair. The whole lib player god thing seems like a great example - Deal with the whole unexpected/exploit behavior - Make the game more fun to play - Clean up the perception about biased administration (whether true or not). Perhaps more transparency or a better understanding of just how hard it is using existing game admin tools to actually prove someone is exploiting - Encourage the community to become more open to new people/players etc - Put more emphasis on listening to the silent majority of PVP players rather then just the more noisy tiny minority. Chances are what appeals to the majority of non-noisy players could very easily be the key to turning the game around. I think we've made the PVP side of the game even more of a niche then it needs to be and that could easily be as a result of listening too deeply to the hardcore players. You need warriors for PVP. You also need people for them to realistically raid. Those people have to have a reason to stay with the game, being a punching bag won't be enough. Lots of different ways all of these things can be done. ~Nappy
  11. On Inspiration, a PVE server in WU, we bumped local to 120. Was great for increased chat window local however seemed to also have some impact on client performance likely due to client processing more stuff (even if it wasn't visible) so would recommend an implementation of chat distant on PVE to 120 provided non-visual stuff being processed was significantly reduced (to like 50 or something) to prevent client impact.
  12. Tis true. Back when I played on Epic/Elevation I can recall having at least two or three conversations with you where you matched that description! o/
  13. Actually read my words a bit more closely. Here's what I said in my post that I think you are replying to: (snip) PVP players are always seeking advantages. As a result they tend to push the boundaries on what can be done, are more creative with directions the game could go in and often identify game breaking bugs including many non-PVP ones that would not be identified until much, much later. (end snip) This isn't saying anything more than players in Wurm PVP treat it like a competitive event. This means they look for ways where they can do unexpected things and often they do this in normal game play without hacking or otherwise modifying the code. Exploiting for me is when someone knowingly uses an unintended bug in the code and takes advantage of it unfairly. The key point here is knowingly. Wurm is poorly documented and often it is not clear what is intended behaviour (ie. a feature) and what is a bug (ie. unintended feature). In a game where so much relies on player's discovering things then it's plausible that most things are working as intended (since it is production software after all). Only when something is reported officially as a bug (often through a published known issues list) can something fairly be seen as exploiting when using a reported and published known bug to do something that shouldn't happen. Hacking is also a negative if they are using some sort of modified client or tool that allows them to do something they shouldn't be able to do. Makes the playing field unfair. Macroing could be a good example of this. I do agree with your second point which I will rephrase as, if you want to really have deep knowledge of the game mechanics join a PVP kingdom (doesn't matter which one usually). By participating in kingdom chat and more often kingdom TeamSpeak/Discord etc you will quickly learn more about how the game works then you would have in a less dangerous hermit deed PVE world. This makes sense. On PVP if someone knows more than you then you risk losing your ingame life, your ingame stuff and even your ingame deed/kingdom. ~Nappy
  14. Make sure you didn't have a chisel or other knife that looks similar to the carving knife graphic in your toolbelt. Known bug with the mod. I often can't get chisel or carving knife to work when the other item is above it in the toolbelt. To be really sure, empty toolbelt with mod enabled. Add only the improving tools needed, test. Should work.