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  1. Ya'll killing me with these new textures. I just get the deed done, and Kristof wants to remodel for the fifth time. The only thing holding him back? High fences. *sighs* Now what am I going to do?? Otherwise, keep up the great work!
  2. Thank you so much for the extra prem time and sleep bonus. It was unexpected. Thanks for the fixes as well!
  3. Congrats Jberg and Wolfey. I know Kristof will be excited about that map system.
  4. Noooo! Kristof is going to keep remodeling the deed. It will never end! *cries* Seriously, those bridges look awesome. Now if I can just keep Kris from seeing them....
  5. Congrats on the promotions! Can't wait to see the new ideas brought to the table. And thank you for developing a road system check. This will make it much easier to clean the area of NE Cele.
  6. Just a note to let you all know that Kris has had some health issues and will be updating the map sometime next week - if all works out. If you have a village or deed and would like to have it on the community map, please leave the name of the deed and approx coordinates if possible. Thanks for understanding! Pandy
  7. I'd like to try one plz!
  8. Gratz, Samoo! That's a big promotion. I have a feeling you'll do well. And more pavement types? Are you guys seriously going to make Kristof remodel our deed for the fourth time? You just don't like me and my cookies. I swear! PS Really kinda excited to see the fences and pavement types though.
  9. No worries Some places do it differently. It's just a relaxed thing here usually.
  10. Rifts usually opened 48hrs after they spawn. Most of the time on Cele, it's a show up and fight thing without a lot of planning because we simply don't have a super large group of dedicated fighters. Like tonight's rift opened about 445pm-ish Eastern US timezone. People showed up before and proceeded to fight. It's not like a private unique event. There's way too many aggro mobs for that to happen.
  11. Great. Just great. I finally get Kristof to stop remodeling the deed and ya'll do this to me. I'm never going to stop getting lost on deed now. Side note: It'll be awesome to make slate slabs like other slabs. Good call on that one. Yay for Rageed getting home safe!
  12. Okay, just logged onto Cele. Still some lag, but now it is only a few seconds as opposed to minutes. Thanks for looking into the lag!
  13. I can play Facebook games three times over while waiting for Wurm to finish one action. It's making me sad because I finally have time to really sit down and play. Edited: And now I must check because Nomad posted before me. xD
  14. Same thing happened to me on Cele. One of our village mates logged in and couldn't move, so he got booted. I gave up. Haven't been back on for an hour. Sounds like it's still horrid. Did ya'll forget to feed the hamsters after reset?
  15. Yay!! For the horse recovery - not for face skidmarks. Poor Ayuna!