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  1. Great. Just great. I finally get Kristof to stop remodeling the deed and ya'll do this to me. I'm never going to stop getting lost on deed now. Side note: It'll be awesome to make slate slabs like other slabs. Good call on that one. Yay for Rageed getting home safe!
  2. Okay, just logged onto Cele. Still some lag, but now it is only a few seconds as opposed to minutes. Thanks for looking into the lag!
  3. I can play Facebook games three times over while waiting for Wurm to finish one action. It's making me sad because I finally have time to really sit down and play. Edited: And now I must check because Nomad posted before me. xD
  4. Same thing happened to me on Cele. One of our village mates logged in and couldn't move, so he got booted. I gave up. Haven't been back on for an hour. Sounds like it's still horrid. Did ya'll forget to feed the hamsters after reset?
  5. Yay!! For the horse recovery - not for face skidmarks. Poor Ayuna!
  6. Aw, come on! Someone tell meh if ya'll found that horse!
  7. Forming a deed of your own doesn't stop caring for animals. The only way to do that is to actually stop caring for them. With that said, this post has been entertaining. I certainly hope she found her beloved Rageed!
  8. While looking into the Xan lag, can some also look into the Cele lag? It's been getting worse to the point where I've waited minutes to finish an action.
  9. Maybe we oughta peep every once in a while.
  10. Hey! Don't forget Celebration! I know we're quiet and all, but geez lol
  11. Cod the vyn puppet (20c) to me plz
  12. Glad you didn't leave. Much thanks to Pagani and the group who rallied together. That's the best part about this game - the community actually cares. ((hugs))
  13. No! I didn't want to wake up to this news. I'm gonna miss seeing ya around. Definitely will help ya out whenever you decide to come back.
  14. Pine Nuts are ready for harvest. Sorry i didn't get this up sooner!
  15. Welcome back, Ellie!