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  1. Meh, i'll just talk about the part related to new arts and designs... I feel there are already WAY too many of them, there were already a lot of them earlier, then like 4 new ones came out in less than a year, so everything is becoming more colorful and random. Adding even more kingdoms, even on the freedom cluster, would mean having to face an incredible amount of even new ones. I think that custom designs are already losing its uniqueness, the more they come out, the more the feeling about them (and therefore the market) will become random and dispersive, it's already kinda abused as it its, brining it to freedom would probably be the end of any sense of this, and we would end up livin in a colorful world with dozens of designs, most people would lose count and track of them, and they will become nothing so special : D
  2. Ships, mostly corbitas, already are a kind of "crate racks", i would also love to see crates stop taking decay damage while on deed and inside ships (while on the floor they don't) Tall banners? i don't know if that's a bug, but i somehow managed to plant 20 of them in a tile
  3. They can be combined so that cod cost is 1c for 50x of the same kind/QL Quantities won't be updated often, so check for availability PM Davih in game, or message on forum 15ql Rift Crystal = 9c each sold 17ql Rift Stone Shard = 7c each 20ql Rift Wood = 8c each 52ql Rift Wood = 18c each 52ql Rift Stone shards = 16c each / 136 left 53ql Rift Crystal = 20c each 80ql Rift Wood = 30c each 80ql Rift Stone shards = 25c each 78ql Rift Crystal = 35c each sold It is possible that the QL will be slightly higher than the one showed in the screen.
  4. Sigh, just to be clear, i'm not in a rush to sell it, and i already got 3 offers in pm for 100~150 (in a single day. so much for the 100 pcs) I expected way higher PC in general, but yeah, i realized i don't really want to sell it for less than 200 something, considering it also has almost 2 months of premium. And that seems to be off the market price, so i guess for now i'll just keep it and try to figure out what to do with it. Thanks everyone for the help, this can be closed.
  5. I'm not criticizing you, and i appreciate your point of view anyway, i didn't think PC were "take it or leave it" and i tought there was room for discussion. i'm just making my point, that 76 channeling is low, and that's really the most important thing in a priest imho, you are free to answer to that if you want, i don't know why you are taking this personally. And i'm not trying to get rid of this priest no matter what, i worked a full year on it, so i'm only selling it if i think that's worth it. If that was the case i would have just auctioned it
  6. Honestly? i don't think that's superior... It has 76 channeling, the road from 76 to 86 is probably longer than the one from 0 to 76... Then has high skills that he can't use because he's a priest o.o and 71hfc which is... 5s of panfilling if even so, only better thing is 100 faith and... some high body stats? provided you would need them, but i don't think it really makes up for 10 whole points of channeling Also it had kinda bad visibility, it was a list of 5 character in a single thread
  7. Bah, when i was looking to buy a priest 12 months ago, there was nothing even close to this range of prices with channeling over 80, 1 year later you honestly think it's only worth 120? I mean, the lowest price that something was sold off for, doesn't make "the only price" for that thing afterwards If that's the case, i will probably keep it even if i have to use it as a battery rather than selling it so low.
  8. Seriously guys, drop this, lol.
  9. Fruit press last grindstone 2nd sickle 15.5s for all? o.o Cod Davih in case : )
  10. I' not sure if i can take a PC from someone who hates me too seriously... lol Still, even if you don't have another char that can produce favor, skilling it to a decent cooking level to produce choppable veggies is a matter of... 10s of panfilling? Also getting to 100faith isn't a big deal if you have access to sermons. By the time you fix all that, you'll probably still have to reach 90 channeling, i think channeling is what really sets the value Just to clarify, i wouldn't sell it for 100€, and i can also accept silvers, but thanks for the answer
  11. it's sold, i bought it some months ago, lol
  12. https://niarja.com/skill_compare/niryel 50days premium 6hrs sleep bonus Looking for PC or offers, let me know if you are interested,