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  1. It is awesome! We can make the trellises and if it is out of deed we need to imp it time to time and prune it time to time and if we forgot the pruning they will die. I have many deeds, and many trellises are on my deeds for decoration. I wouldn't like travel around to prune trellises. The bushes regrow after those are died. And the trellises?
  2. +1 It would be nice if we could make flowerbeds of different material: marble, pottery, slate... I'm just dreaming
  3. +1 The tundra is a unique biome, lot of selfish player destroy it. Please make their work harder!
  4. Yes, yes! +1 if the trophy would be a nice singing fishbone.
  5. +1 This idea isn't from devils. The fighters of macedonian phalanxses used a very long and heavy spear with a small shield. Sarissa is a cca 5m long spear
  6. +1 Yes, yes and yes! I live with a dwarf in the mine and I hate the long walk out to my horse and my cart. I love my horses and I don't want to starve them in the cave. I would really love if we could make enchanted grass in the cave.
  7. +1 I love this gate The portcullis is nice, but when you use it as a barred window it opens always and it is very annoying. I would like use arched wall with high iron fence.
  8. +1 Yes, yes it would be great!
  9. +1 It would be nice
  10. +1 We can gather acorns from oak trees AND can also be foraged. Why couldn't possible gathering woad from planter AND be botanized? Why should we grind the botanize skill only for woad? I would like to plant woad to planter. And yes I would like to see cocoa trees in Wurm.