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  1. While I respect where you are going on this, please... no arbitrary limits like 1 per toon, 1 per deed, or anything like that. I do support some sort of limitation, but at the very least tie it to something within the game world, like steam power, wind power or having to be built on a water source. Now if we really wanted to get it going good. Instead of making this a totally automated thing, why not make it a force multiplier? so you can do a whole log in 30 seconds? or something along these lines?
  2. Auto miner/drill I would go with this, but it would have to be very slow. The source of power would also be a limiting factor. a windmill/watermill I'd like this, and it could be limited by the ability of having to be placed "on a spring" so that it gets it's water power, or limited by wind strength fish traps, animal traps please? also bait. meat smoker many have asked for this. I think we need to start getting away from the BSB, crate, FSB as permanent ways to store things. chicken coops yes please stamp mill this could work if you added more work for the automated side. such as crushing the rock shards, and then mixing with water and lye, and then baking or drying. a better ore smelter yes please compost bin This to, I'm tired of trying to get animals to "stay in place" just for a damn crop buff.
  3. as for the OP.... no. But I like the potion idea.
  4. A method that might be a little more simplistic, but also still limited. Make the merchant type, that would list things in a "quest" style. Add an item, and then list what you would like for it. When a purchaser trades the requested items, as a payment, then the merchant would give the item in question. This could be reversed for a purchase, where the merchant lists something they want, and what they are willing to give for it.
  5. Here's the simplest way to make this work. Allow a person to open the crafting recipe list, Drag an item out of there into the merchant box. This would open up the "set price" interface. The item would now show up in the trade list, as a red if negative (wants to buy), or a green (ready to sell) The merchant would also need to be able to hold coin for the purchases that does not count toward the item limits. The UI could be expanded at a later date to specify enchanted materials. (maybe? personally I'd just love to be able to talk to a merchant and actually "sell" something.)
  6. Actually it wasn't a "troll" post. It was more of a matter of logic, if the OP was to go through, why would you want to leave this out at the same time? Either way, it's an idea, it was suggested, some like and some dislike. Either way, have a great day.
  7. If this is to continue, might as well throw plant in there as well.
  8. I think what would be nice and useful, is a Bulletin board style trade "Chat". Where people could list individual sales, services, bulk sales, etc. with search options that could limit what is displayed. Then have the post use the stikethrough font to show a removal or sale, and have this last 48 hours. So that people can get a feel for the market. Maybe a limitation on the number of posts you can have at a time?? and or it requires paper, ink etc to be posted to the board.
  9. could make it nice and easy and make rare rolls relevant to crafting title that is active..... just a thought.
  10. I have a new canal that has been open for quite some time. This is an east to west corridor that runs across 3 deeds, is 2 full tiles wide, and supports any ship at: 4784, -995 to 4784, -994 by 4921, -995 to 4921, -994 There is also a north to south corridor that runs across 3 deeds, is 2 full tiles wide, and supports any ship at: 4986, -846 to 4988, -846 by 4986, -887 to 4988, -887. This runs through Quarry's Lemosa canal deed. This canal was brought to you by Tallios, Quarry, Alinicon. With special thanks to Phoenixus, Brimestonevomit, Harushu.
  11. +1000
  12. I'm on xanadu and I definately +! this.
  13. I fully support this, it's a minor thing, and it brings back the realness of nature taking back an area.
  14. I'm all for this!
  15. it'd be a great april fools joke.