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  1. could make it nice and easy and make rare rolls relevant to crafting title that is active..... just a thought.
  2. I have a new canal that has been open for quite some time. This is an east to west corridor that runs across 3 deeds, is 2 full tiles wide, and supports any ship at: 4784, -995 to 4784, -994 by 4921, -995 to 4921, -994 There is also a north to south corridor that runs across 3 deeds, is 2 full tiles wide, and supports any ship at: 4986, -846 to 4988, -846 by 4986, -887 to 4988, -887. This runs through Quarry's Lemosa canal deed. This canal was brought to you by Tallios, Quarry, Alinicon. With special thanks to Phoenixus, Brimestonevomit, Harushu.
  3. +1000
  4. I'm on xanadu and I definately +! this.
  5. I fully support this, it's a minor thing, and it brings back the realness of nature taking back an area.
  6. I'm all for this!
  7. it'd be a great april fools joke.
  8. my daughter has been begging me to get moose added to the game. She would probably become a lifetime member if you added them. Especially if they could be ridden.
  9. interesting thought.
  10. It's a thought, however I wasn't specifically going for easier, just other options other than "On the water" or other tight restrictions.
  11. Wood stuff does not follow that wonderful thing.
  12. here's an idea, as I do totally sympathize with all the Knowledge path'ers out there. Can you make it an action that requires activated hand? This would be better than having it always active for a mis-click. Or hell, activate your body. at least it would provide a layer of protection against mis-use.
  13. I would say that the PVP issue would be simply solved that if a wall was damaged while being repaired then the repair is halted, and materials would be lost in the works.
  14. Either way, maybe an armor stand does half and the wardrobe does full.... either way. I strongly believe quality should matter.
  15. I would have to agree with Neville here. What is the point of armor stands? They can only hold 1 full set of armor, they barely prevent any decay. If anything this should be like being in a decay *0.10 when on a stand. If the Dev's wanted to do it the "Right way" It should be armor stand takes equal to it's quality and the remainder is applied to the armor pieces. Thus having a high ql armor stand would prevent tremendous amounts of damage. This is of course after the reductions of being on deed, inside buildings and so on.