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  1. I'm all for multiple types of places, these were just some that popped into my head. I mean the "tower high up" could still need to be 1000 dirts above the water. You could just use the building to make this work.
  2. Well I've never really done power, insanity or hate.... So I need you and everyone else's help to figure those out.
  3. I was wondering if it would be possible to create new "power tiles" for the various meditation paths. Something like a library with high quality bookshelves and candles around the tile for knowledge. for love An indoor garden, with flower pots and planters, or even a garden nook surrounded by hedges. Power could be on top of a tower, high in the air. Hate could be surrounded by corpses Insanity could be gravestones, or a formation of training dummy's? (which you should talk to while meditating) just some thoughts.
  4. I think because then people would always be able to meta-game in combat.
  5. growables would be nice too, corn, garlic, potatos
  6. that looks like an opps.
  7. I think it should be assigned by "group" and not a separate permission, there are already to many check boxes. Just have it as a selection box on the deed settings.
  8. I think 3 options would cover it, Deed, Alliance, Public This would also open the door for people to donate to "public use" deeds. Since they will know what their donations will mean to the deed, not some arbitrary thing.
  9. I would agree on the additional steel tool options, and why not have tools of other metals. Give the various metals different difficulties or other attributes. Like: Gold - enchantment retention when repairing, (-20% to enchantment damage on repair) Silver - enchantment effectiveness. (20% more effective enchantment effects on items) Brass - Enhanced brightness. (20% shinier when enchanted with light token.) Copper - More malleable. (20% improvement/repair usage, 10% more damage/decay on use/tick, Tin - good for use in plates, food containers, silverware just some thoughts, I'll try to expound on this later.
  10. Why not change the message board, to require improvements that use ink, pens, paper, and wood working tools? Every time a message is posted if adds a little damage to the board from use.
  11. I'm curious if there are shield skill gains for when you successfully block an incoming attack. If this provided a tick, then it would help to off-set the lack of gains on strictly shield bashing.
  12. I think this could be bypassed if we could set ramps or slopes to mine to with good mining skills? mine down --> or mine up --> 5 slope 10 slope 15 slope 20 slope It could be done to reward the high level diggers and miners. And if you Survey the tile you could get an idea of all the angles on it?
  13. If I knew who the thief actually was I would have mentioned it. Sadly my tracking skills revealed nothing.
  14. yes and it's stupid. not you corsan, but the logic.
  15. Oh wow, you certainly killed the discussion there. Bravo, to the master debater. I hope you can read between the lines and interpret what I really mean with my sarcasm.