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  1. I'd be still against this idea. Remember your very beginnings in Wurm. What was your possibly first question asking to yourself? "Where the hell am I?" At least for most new players that's the one of very first thoughts and questions. I was no different. So then you, me or any new player got to start thinking about location. New peep just see a map, and start to look around, looking for similar to map landmarks, mountains, lakes etc. Everyone had to deal with it, bulk of people still have to deal with it. Once you get knowledge about your location it's still a huge challenge to find a route to your destination point. With new map dumps once you get your point on the road, you can just walk looking on map like moving up the ladder. So that's a huge part of everyone's beginnings in Wurm.
  2. I'll try to be there
  3. +1 imbues and runes aren't technically spelled enchants and shouldn't be treaten the same.
  4. I was going to grind my Gardening and decor my farm with also useful trellises. But when i read about changes, I think I'm gonna change my mind. It's not likie I don't like hard and long way of getting everything in Wurm. These changes are not making gardening and trellises more difficult or something. Just made em useless and not worth the efforts.
  5. Kinda agree with Cecci, -1 To me travelling without exact locations, discovering something new on every single trip just by using compass and raw map is something amazing. I'm still traveling through all Wurm's lands just because i don't know what I'll discover next time. Even if I have pretty much every Xanadu road in my head it's still fun to me. Big -1 to this idea. Getting knowledge about using a map and compass, landscapes and landmarks was and still is a big part of playing Wurm.
  6. 1.5s for lw potion and c79 iron lump?
  7. Promotions and Lottery Changes! *Lottery Changes* 1) After consideration, rule saying about minimum 10 tickets sold to roll a Lottery is now changed. Thinking of different Lotteries Like gears sets, comparing to for example Supreme Tools makes huge disproportion, so now Each Lottery will have it's own down limit. *Promotions* 1) For Each 2s spent in Lunar Armory, you'll get one ticket for a Lottery House! 2) As it's a brand new idea and offer of my Armory, and these are first "start off" Lotteries, there's no minimum tickets limit for first Lotteries! If you're the only one who paid 40c for a ticket for Plate set and Axe, you gonna win it for this price! (You wanna leave a set for 40c for Lawurm? )
  8. You're on the list. I'll COD you confirmation tickets when i get back from rl work.
  9. Ticket sent [16:42:12] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. Pm me back name of your ticket good luck!
  10. *Armory News* 1) Lottery House has started! You like to gamble? You like to play and win, and you know how to lose? You tempted to get a stuff for few coppers? Take a chance and buy a ticket for a Lottery House! 2) Lottery House Rules: To take a part in Lottery, you have to buy a ticket for a prices listed in Lottery title. Each person might buy up to 3 tickets to increas chances to win. Tickets will be send to participants for amount of coins equal to amount of bought tickets. If you won't pickup a ticket, you won't be listed on rolling list. You might choose your number on the list if it's currently free. Minimum amount of tickets to start a lottery is 10. Each Lottery has a timer which say when I'll choose a winner. I'll use random number generator to select a winner. All winners will be listed in the topic, I can put a screens or even short movies with RNG winning number. All items will be Cod at my expense to a winner immediatelly after rolling. Please use only nicknames of toons which you want to receive items. There's no refunding after Lottery is done. You might withdraw your ticket no later than 24h before Rolling. 3) First Lotteries are listed in first post of a topic! 4) Prices of Armory & Workshop were adjusted 5) Estimating awaiting time for your order is up to 24h* *In case of bigger orders awaiting time might increase because of irl duties. 6) Take your Luck and Enjoy Moonlight Lottery House!
  11. Bump Now I'm looking for any paweeler priest, pm any offers. Still interested only in faith and channeling.