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  1. "The 71st item in the list of mail to accept is actually a cod for woodscrap at 1g! Beware of using the accept all feature." - Future wurm drama, calling it now or my name isn't Toma the Seer. Edit: +1 anyway
  2. This whole situation is very messy. Moral and rule implications aside, any player considering joining the ebon kingdom before is sure to reconsider now. Normally you would expect a kingdom to welcome a returning player with open arms and encourage them to stay, not shut them out. How can you trust a kingdom in a battle with Drakes and other valuables on the line if they're willing to sell your account off for a quick buck?
  3. cod Sickle 26.40 QL C66 to Toma please
  4. I wonder if the lack of plate armour shoulder pads was done intentionally to encourage the use of the other armour types. As it stands I don't see any reason to wear anything other than plate for horseback hunting
  5. Cod me a pocket sun (white) please
  6. Should a game developer really ask permission from the community any time a change is made? Game creation by democracy has been tried in the past and it has always been pretty terrible. I think the devs did their due diligence here just by making this announcement then quickly adapting the plan when an overwhelming community response came. The amount of negativity in this thread is astounding honestly. I've been bouncing around many MMOs and if you're with a company like PWE, EA games, Ubisoft or the like, there would never be an announcement like this, let alone changing the plan after the fact.
  7. It's not even live yet... This is what was planned for the next patch. This is actually better than most games I've seen out there, who just push these kinds of changes out without telling anyone.
  8. Honestly, I'm pretty happy with this. This seems fair.
  9. It should at least be consistent. Charge mail based on the weight of the mail for all the items or charge based on the number of items being sent. It's so weird that some items are stupidly expensive to send over others because their "unit" is so small.
  10. This guy is fast and trustworthy, I'm certain I'll be purchasing from him again. Thanks again!
  11. Hello, a close friend of mine is trying to play Wurm Unlimited but he only has a mac! I think it's really a shame he can't play with us because we loved playing WO together when we were younger but no longer have the commitment to play the MMO. Is there any news on when this is going to happen?
  12. We have a Fo priest and two followers that would like to attend these sermons.
  13. We're looking for people to kill it with. It seems to be on par with other uniques. PM Inasriel or post here if you're interested.
  14. Current Contact Ingame: Litikia, Toma, or Dareken.
  15. +1 Social aspect of wurm could use some love.