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  1. WTK

    I remember, OP. I decayed in the decaying Atlantis. How do you think I got this name? But after my time in Atlantis, I was reborn as an Aghori Sadhu a handful of times and spent a few hundred years painted in ash, sipping my drink from a skull. This life is the video gaming life. I figure I'd take a holiday. God said it was cool.
  2. Always wanted the flamethrower. Now, maybe I can get a Wurm one.
  3. Personally, I am under the opinion that you're free to put anyone's reputation into question at any time, for anything and said person is free to rebut you. The community can take what they want out of it. Theoretically, that includes a sale like the one that you had used as example. If you felt slighted (or ripped off), you have the right to put up a "name and shame". The seller has the right to come in and defend their reputation. Name and Shames don't exactly put your reputation in "shambles" after having put that rep into question, either. Take Maurizio as an example. Many people in the community will still conduct business with him and associate with him, because they feel he didn't do anything wrong. Then, there are others, who feel the opposite.
  4. Leave me to be the wiseass... You do know that we are legally and freely allowed to modify our client on WU to remove hastles such as these?
  5. -1 Being able to navigate through a forest is far more important to me than to be able to climb mountains without cheese sandwiches/lemonade.
  6. Name and shames aren't intended to be saved for the "worst of the worst", or for those that have specifically broke a rule. Those people are usually handled by the team. Name and Shame's are for anyone who puts their reputation at stake by doing something slimey. Maurizio, those unique snatchers, etc. all have a reason to be on the list. As for your "outrageously expensive" analogy, it's apples and oranges in this context. Anyone can sell anything at any price that they want to. Doesn't mean they will get the sale. For instance, I could ask for 1s per sprout I have for sale, and there is absolutely nothing "slimey" on my end for doing so. But, there is always cause and effect, and if I choose to sell my sprouts for 1s a piece, I will undoubtedly have 0 sales. Nowhere in Wurm is there a standard price for something, created by the game. All of the prices are created by the players. Some people charge 70s a set of drake, some charge 100s. The ones that are charging 100s aren't "slimey", they're just less likely to sell their merchandise.
  7. I voted linden. They're probably the best tree model in game to decorate with. Having said that, my preferred choice of trees are based first by my in game visibility, then by their look (texture). If I can see 40 tiles into the forest, then I pretty much "love" that tree type. My "tree list" looks something like this: Linden is awesome. (height is perfect with no obscuring foliage, thin trunks - model is great) Pine is great. (quite tall with high foliage, thin trunks - model is average) Cedar and Maple are good. (tall trees with high foliage, medium trunks - models are good) Birch is okay but i'm personally not a fan. (near perfect height but the foliage hangs a bit so obscures view, thin/medium trunks - model is average/below average) Walnut is okay. (medium trunks, foliage hangs and obscures view - model is good) Fruit trees are conditional. (short and foliage greatly reduces visibility, yet very thin trunks - models are good) Oak is conditional. (medium height but low hanging foliage, wide trunks - model is below average/ugly [the prior model was far better]) Willow is no good. (low foliage, wide trunks, no visibility - model is average/below average) Fir is no good. (low and dense foliage, trunks size is irrelevant because there is absolutely no visibility - model is good/average) Chestnut is to be clear cut. (foliage is high enough but the trunks are extremely wide and provide no visibility and make for difficult navigation* - model is average) Olive is to be clear cut. (low foliage, extremely wide trunks make for no visibility and difficult navigation* - model is very ugly) *when trees have clipping.
  8. I agree with this. The problem really stems from the fact that the "name and shame" threads are always posted in Town Square. This is the "face of the game" forum wise, so to speak, so it's understandable that the team tries to keep it tidy. There's a very simple fix, really. It's been suggested before, plenty of times. There needs to be a Freedom subforum that is lightly moderated (like how the 'Theater' [chaos/epic] subforum is, and how the 'Tar Pit' subforum used to be). Bury all the name and shame threads there. meanwhile keeping the face of the game pretty. Make it forum members view only, so that guests won't even know it's there.
  9. If you want them to look like the sandstone slab (pictured above, and what stone slab house flooring looks like currently) then, yes, you will have to redo them. After this update comes through, all stone slab floors for housing will look like the stone slab pavement texture.
  10. Let's float off topic for a minute: First off, there's no chance that you'd be able to take a rift on yourself, and very little chance of you and a small group doing it. Second, have you taken a look at the names that show up for rifts? They're usually packed full of vets. Put any wall you want up at any ql. It will be knocked down in a minute or two. You wouldn't be able to get a single longhouse to wrap around the zone, so there would be weak points.
  11. We have addiction values too? Whichever team member(s) shot down my Wemp Brownie recipe suggestion (which was relatively harmless) should be kicked in the crotch... by a greenish troll. Then by me. You hypocrites.
  12. poll

    Didn't vote because: Don't care; would never use.
  13. Damnit. I really can't word this nicely, without hurting feelings, so I'm just going to say it. Aside from the crafting interface, all of the widget type crap that has been added to this game's HUD in the past few years are nothing less than an annoyance to me. I can not stand having crap all over my HUD. I don't need silly buttons for everything, I have keybinds, or if I have to, I can right click. I know that the attention deficit, brainless masses like shiny buttons and flashy ###### popping up all over their screen. It keeps them engaged and attentive. And that's why we have like 3 climbing buttons, huge orange text across our screen, a bunch of other useless toolbars, etc. right now. I have a bad feeling that Wurm's overhaul is going to cater to these types of people, and meanwhile, I am going to be left very frustrated.
  14. This, in the 3 sizes we currently have. Basically, keep our current colored carpets and add 3 new types (that would be able to be dyed): Small white carpet White carpet Large white carpet