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  1. Keep in mind that in the future, WO will be getting "candy" that WU will not (which was quite evident to everyone with the cooking update and the blatant difference in amount of recipes). Not going to lie, I came back to WO months ago because of that whole cooking thing. I really like WU (and how much better it runs on my crappy computer), but I'm not going to bother with it too much if CodeClub is going to intentionally hold back on content there. I'll put it on the shelf and pick it back up in the future when WO goes offline. I'd say the strategy they've chosen is somewhat effective. Worked on me.
  2. I've got no business in this thread, really, but I feel the same way. There have been 2 instances where I was given accounts because people had "quit". Those accounts stayed inactive and in my possession and I would have never sold them or given them away because they weren't mine to begin with. So, they sat on the shelf collecting dust for the true owners to come back to, if they ever made their way back to Wurm. Those people did come back. They also got their accounts back without hesitation. The OP could be completely lying about whether or not she "gave" Maurizio the accounts and her attempt at gaining them back could be devious, but it doesn't really matter. The fact that he sold something that really wasn't his, just to put a few bucks in his pocket, shows what kind of person he is.
  3. I gave up when the OP suggested something along the lines of connecting the small PVE servers to Epic. Epic was a mistake. It should have never been created.
  4. I don't have any logs prior to Sept. of 2008, so I can't post any of my newb conversations. I remember during my first two weeks of playing, I was living in an off-deed mine that Goon had created as a "hotel" for newbies just south of NT. One of the other "tenants" had just run into a croc that had tore him up. 6 of us, unarmored, decided we'd stomp out that croc's existence and grab our associate's death pile. Needless to say, there were 6 unarmored noobs that were screaming in local right before their death piles also littered the ground. I also had an instance where i was stuck in a mine pit for 8 or 9 days. /suicide was not an option for me because I was a newb with no deed, my off deed house had a gated (and locked) fence around it, and my keys were on my character. So, I spent more than a week using a fresh alt to mine down to where my character was stuck. I had no idea that I could create a pile of my crap on the sloped part of the floor of the mine pit, where my alt from up above could've easily grabbed it.
  5. It's been the popular false rumor traveling the grapevine lately... that all titles are beneficial to their respective skill in some way. Glad you put it to rest.
  6. Haha, yes... but we had just gotten large carts, which were a hell of a lot better than the small carts we were all used to. Plus, we were only allowed 100 items per person, and additional 200 per boat. Most of everyone's crap got left behind,
  7. +1. Need easier access to high quality woad now.
  8. You can cast woa/coc on things like armor. I +1 this suggestion, but at the same time, will be annoyed if it gets implemented because smiths are still screwed with coc/woa water... and the only other "tool" that gets the same screwing is the hand.
  9. There's a pretty large one 20 minutes down the road from me on Xanadu. They're horrible, you're left with no visibility... for 1000's of tiles. But you're right about trees being naturally regional, and those are the dominant ones in a given area.
  10. Thank you for confirming the poll. Last time I brought that up in a similar thread, people assured me that I was wrong and that Rolf made the decision because he supposedly couldn't revert the pvp changes. IIRC, half of those people were players that pretend they have been around long enough to remember.
  11. I was surprised at how many pads were designed to be used with armor that nobody uses. Like cotton, chain and leather. And, then, there's that one type that's supposed to be used unarmored.... such a useless item. Meanwhile, maybe 3 pads are intended for heavy armor use. And that does not include the most useful shoulder pad type: human skull. Scale is still classified as "heavy", isn't it? +1 to the suggestion. Throw the plate/scale wearers a bone.
  12. You've never seen a pelt or a skin in real life that wasn't shredded to pieces? No fur jackets or bear skin rugs or anything like that? Taxidermy? Some weapons make very small puncture wounds.
  13. From what I remember, it was tools like TG that came over and roamed. And then Xallo and Pacer went hunting. Becket and I kept logging in. We fortified the deed with a billion walls that no one would want to waste their time busting into. As an aside, I've always wondered what type that infamous sandwich was. Edit: I also recall how arrogant Rolf was during that whole fiasco. Took him about a month to finally change stance of "this is how it is supposed to be, PVE was never intended. Deal." to "okay, I made a very big mistake".
  14. Your continuous push of the "query" could make for a change that no one wants. And you're supporting the nature of your query by stating that things should be uniform across the board. So, in essence, you're asking for a change... but not directly. Or you're asking for the other stuff to get reverted by presenting this argument (which, by the way, never works around here.... you should know by now that you don't make an outlandish suggestion to the Wurm team in hopes that they will see their previous mistake and that they'll correct their bumble up, because they won't. They'll just implement your outlandish idea too). Stop poking the sleeping bear. You really don't want to be bit and neither do any of the rest of us.