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  1. is this event for active accounts only?
  2. As title says, this character is for sale. (without tools/items) Actual skills: Meditation path: Path of knowledge I don't have price in my mind at this moment. Please post your serious offers via PM. Changed my mind
  3. I'm selling 100s ingame currency for 100€ via paypal, verified only. Send me forum pm if you are interested
  4. change to
  5. Pickaxe, iron (coc 93) to Chemiq
  6. knowledge so extra +25% skillgain
  7. I just want to check how much my character could be worth (I'm not going to sell it right now, just want to know its value :D)
  8. Hiya, I'm looking for someone who has high skill in metallurgy (75+ atleast) to make steel for me. I'm providing materials for this job (coal and iron lumps). Send me your offer via forum PM how much do you want for 1k actions.
  9. Ill be there, Chemiq
  10. bump, dont be afraid to ask
  11. Send me offer via PM if you are interested.
  12. supreme leather backpack to chemiq