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  1. 2 Could you explain how cross-server trade is not feasable? I see plenty of people advertising stuff and then not wanting to sell to a different server, and I don't understand why, the cross-server mailing fees have been reduced to match same-server fee years ago (not sure when exactly, but long enough...), and with the new "Plot Course" feature, going anywhere except Xanadu isn't a big deal at all. And just like irl, people can make a living out of delivering stuff for other people. That being said I'm with you on most of the other stuff you said. Although I did not find words in your post that explicitely describe how the delivery process would work with your auction house, I get the feeling that you're talking about items teleporting, just like in a mailbox. I think that would be very bad and unrealistic. I also think your suggestions involves too much hand-holding by the game, and that kinda goes against your 2nd point: "Be Player Driven - not Player Dependent", so I'd like to propose this concept: With that system, the mail system we have now would still be relevant, and there would be a way to trade bulk stuff even if both parties are not online at the same time. I think that would boost the economy, people wouldn't have to stare at/spam at the trade chat all day to sell their bulk stuff (IMO more people would consider buying and selling bulk), players who have less time to play would be less disadvantaged, and no magic delivery. Also, new players could enter the market sooner because they could sell dirt/bricks/whatever more easily before getting a suitable boat. That post turned out to be a lot longer than I expected...
  2. Southwind Port church Celebration T-13/T-14 Inspired by what churches look like where I live. Pretty simple, it's a shame we're not enough people to hold sermons. (sorry about the blue outlines...)
  3. Please send vinegar and gravy to Kijani
  4. hey I looked at your profile.. I am from Van.. where you from in Canada??


  5. hey kijani I can't connect right now sorry .. ill keep trying and qwell meet on the water.. hopefully we sailed a ways b4loggin out completely.. darn dserver..


  6. This should be a game feature
  7. Hello, please COD those 2 crystal runes of Fo, gold at 35c ea. to Kijani if you still have them.
  8. Hi, my milling skill is 7.41, I have 7% chance to make salt from rock salt with a ql80-ish grindstone (I don't remember the ql of the rock salt), and I never failed to create it. I made 8 in a row (I only had 4 rock salt).
  9. Bought many items from them, they are nice people to deal with. Recently got a set of rare studded leather armor imped to 95, could not recommend more. Tris warned me that it would take a long time to imp, only took about 2 days.
  10. The idea is pretty simple, real life guardian dogs lived with the livestock and were used to guard them against predators, and herding dogs were used to control the herd. What I would like to see in Wurm is a simpler mix of the two, basically, a breed of dog (or any regular dog?) that once tamed could break up pile-ups of livestock on a tile. I.e. there is a large pen with many sheep in it and a tamed sheepdog, 3 sheep end up on the same tile, the dog walks to them and spreads them apart so they don't catch a disease.
  11. Lumps are not capped at 50ql, they are capped at the clay pot's ql after 50. Indeed it doesn't. The point is smithing is already unbalanced because it is already possible to do what OP is asking for. Making it easier to do so would only make it worse. I don't think it's fair that carpenters are limited by their woodcutting skill and smiths are not limited by their mining skills (I'm not going to list them all). At least now they have to work hard to get better ql iron than they can mine. Realistic? Kind of. Fair? No.
  12. +1 for outside too (at least on PvE). Would be useful to build 2 story high rooms or a mezzanine. I don't know about periscope buildings but they could require being attached to a wall if outside, so that would limit the scaffolding's height to that of the building.
  13. Day and night, I'm off-deed too so no auto-lights.
  14. Yes
  15. My open fireplace won't stay lit for more than about 40 seconds, even when I fuel it with 1kg of tar or 10 wood scraps. Here's my event log: Screenshots: I logged out for dinner, came back and tried again, same thing. Thankfully my oven that's in the same room works fine.