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  1. yes please please
  2. This kind of transparency would be a very welcome and appreciated change. I hope you follow through on it.
  3. I store mine on horses
  4. +1000, I've done this at least once a week for years
  5. bump
  6. Blump
  7. Becket op nerf plz grats!
  8. You're insane. I love it, but you're insane.
  9. rare huge axe

  10. 5s
  11. is this on the east coast of Deli? it looks like the landmark deed I use to know where to cross over to Xanadu...
  12. Mine will continue to live in my storage knarr....
  13. this seems like an unintended side effect to cooking. +1
  14. Glad you're still around!