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  1. "Sloth", which is the achievement for getting kicked for being invulnerable for too long 50 times, has the description "Imbibe a magical potion". The achievement with the next ID is "Invisible:DrinkPotion" so it's pretty easy to see that the description was pasted into the wrong achievement.
  2. I got this achievement in November 2015 when I boarded a rowboat. I had the sailboat achievement years before, so I know it was the rowboat achievement that gave me the "Chief Mate" achievement. I'm fairly certain he got both required achievements before it was fixed, and now that it's fixed he has no way of triggering the check that he should have it.
  3. That wouldn't help. I'm talking about the lost skillgain thanks to the unwanted refreshes. CCFP is pretty easy to keep maxed.
  4. This doesn't affect new players. With a QL1 rug I have a 2% chance of getting a refresh tick. With a QL10 rug someone with 50 meditating has a 0.1% chance of getting a refresh tick. With a QL90 rug, which I use for for getting the question to advance and I used to use for food before 1.3, I have almost a 50% chance of getting a refresh. People who use meditation to avoid eating are using high QL rugs for this reason, this barely affects them too. I'm welcome to other ideas, but punishing players for grinding a skill seems like a bad feature. How about if exquisite rugs under QL50 still allowed you to gain the refresh?
  5. Right now I occasionally get full food when meditating on a low QL rug. Before 1.3 this was a fun little bonus, but now it's definitely a drawback. When my food bar gets filled, that's a ton of food affinity time I am suddenly missing out on. My suggestion to fix this is to only get the refresh on rugs above QL50. Or even better, remove the refresh chance entirely, anybody who has enough meditating to regularly get the refresh will be far more interested in using their food bar for temporary affinities. To give you an idea of how annoying this is, I was dedicated enough to have over 95 meditating from before 1.3 and will not be meditating for skill at all until this is changed.
  6. Or have them live two weeks so that they don't build up and aren't tied to epic.
  7. I understand why this bug happens. Decay multiplier (timesSinceLastUsed) is calculated based on the current container the food is in by way of getDecayMultiplier(). Larders have a huge decay multiplier of 21. Move that to anything else and that value drops down to 1. In other words, let's say you take food out of the larder right as it was about to take a decay tick. It would then take 21 times more damage. That's the worst case, but even a few times normal damage renders food unusable. In my opinion, larders shouldn't multiply the time between decay ticks by decay multiplier but should instead divide damage by the decay multiplier instead. That way food won't suddenly take massive damage when you take it out of the larder.
  8. The woodcutting idea would be great too, though most people don't replant sprouts every time they cut down a tree. Your smithing idea makes no sense. The whole issue this addresses is that you have to select each seed individually. With smithing you can use the same five tools forever.
  9. I don't think the plan keybind ever worked. I've tried it every few years and nothing has ever happened.
  10. You can't use rare bones on most containers, with a few specific exceptions.
  11. Yesterday on an alt I was unable to take items from an unlocked planted fsb but was able to take items from an unlocked unplanted fsb. Meanwhile my main could take from both. Very odd given both accounts have the same building permissions but different deed permissions.
  12. I actually consider that the easiest diamond achievement. It requires finding a kingdom willing to make you ruler for a few minutes, but you could easily do that by offering one of the tome charges to the kingdom (or offering them something else like some hard work). No other diamond achievement can be done in an instant like that.
  13. +1 It doesn't make sense for a feature to be some work for a few lucky people like me and Cartier, a lot of work for most people, and then cost hundreds of euros or be completely impossible for others. Personal goals need to be rebalanced so it's fair to everyone. Here's an easy list of ways to accomplish this that I think most people would agree on: Remove sorcery and demigod achievements from from personal goals. They are too rare or expensive or simply impossible for them to ever be a fair personal goal. This includes "Summon a magical wall". Remove absurdly unlikely achievements from personal goals. These are the ones like "create a fantastic item" or "mine a fantastic gem" that Rebalance some diamond achievements that are unfairly time-consuming. There's a diamond achievement for killing 5000 deer, for example, and one for killing 2000 spiders. I see a lot more spiders in the world than I do deer. "Master of the world" is another one that comes to mind, for conquering 100,000,000 land. There are other things that could be done that everybody might not agree on, like removing pvp server achievements for those on freedom, or having the unfinished goals change after some time period. But doing the above so that everybody who wants to can at least work towards their goals seems like the bare minimum to make things fair.
  14. Exactly, giving someone branding permissions already gives them the ability to fix branding and permissions mistakes. Adding them to the permissions list on top of that just leads to unintended security holes down the line.
  15. I agree that currently, adding gear to unicorns would accomplish little due to them being so rare right now. What if unicorns could also spawn on enchanted grass and trees? Then they'd be rare but there would be a way to set up areas where they could spawn, just like how people make steppe now to occasionally spawn wild horses and hell horses. Or just make 1/100 horse spawns into unicorn spawns.