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  1. I like herb dumpling. .05 or so fill up bars and they seem to last really long in the picnic basket.
  2. Maybe we'll get a map function like the almanac. Use dioptra and range pole to survey an area and create a report which can be placed inside an Atlas.
  3. The tools and weapons are all pretty low-mid grade. 25-50c each, if you can even find a buyer. Soft Cap 1s Spyglass 2-3s Rare Butcher 4-5s (assuming no casts)
  4. That's the difference, construction adds the tool ql. Coal does not.
  5. If rock above them is exposed they can be lava'd away. Just takes time.
  6. Oh well ash is a different topic then. Are you using the ash for lye? *edit Of course you're using it for lye lol. New suggestion; forges produce ash based on forge ql. I think someone already suggested this a while back.
  7. How about leaving it the way it is and consumers just pay more for steel items? Not saying I like or agree with the coal pile formula but many things like this could be fixed if people would just pay what they are actually worth. Like compasses: there are several ways to make them better so that creating and maintaining one wasn't such a pita but if people didn't scoff at 3s for an INCREDIBLY difficult item with a 90 Enchant that never decays and never needs replaced (as long as you are careful) then those fixes wouldn't need fixed So +1 yeah let's fix it. But if we can't fix it then let's all agree that steel is just worth more.
  8. That helm is a mullet. Protection in the back and crits in the front.
  9. lol you must have me confused with Cerber I think it was him who rode a Scorpion to a white drake slaying.
  10. Done several hundred casts and never seen this. Not done many since sandstone was introduced though.
  11. I'll be doing some traveling this weekend so it will be a great time for Strongwalls and Couriers. PM, leave reply or message me in game.
  12. Odynn, you still offering Taxi service from the shore to the site?
  13. In my experience sometimes you need to start or end on specific sides. Especially when going from the ground to a different building level. So try starting at the building and if that doesn't work then start at the ground.