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  1. 40 tiles is 2.8s in favor and 2.2 hours of casting and sacrificing, plus travel. How far apart are the tiles? I'd do it for 6s if you can wait until the weekend.
  2. Can I +1 again now that I have 2 settlements?
  3. wow, remember when these were 50s...
  4. congrats @Klaa. Who should I send them to?
  5. ok, all done imping. Only one roll, and it failed
  6. Maybe I didn't read it closely enough, or maybe it was an Inception post...
  7. Probably because of some silly Chaos slumber party abuse. Give us more beds!
  8. At the border around V19. Venerable Hoppearl, Cesarnorth, Huntringrags. Cared for by @Taufiq I left them at the Mittlegart tower at T18. No gear on them besides crap saddles.
  9. Couple sold, couple still available.
  10. Love spears but already have 6 lol. Free bump
  11. Get your pottery bricks in preparation for pottery brick walls. Pretty sure my prices are based on material gather actions. Let me know if you think my math is off.
  12. @WilussIs your man for supply and wood type. Not sure on price though
  13. Yes they stay rare And I have it from a semi-reliable source that they harvest one extra quality like the way a pick or hatchet raises the harvest quality by one