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  1. In the few days prior to Rolf's lunch time decision you are referring to a discussion took place on the forums suggesting that Rolf should turn on Deed Raiding/Draining on the Home servers (old JKHome and MRHome). Some of us that opposed the idea got quite vocal about it. Grade A tantrum for a few of us, myself included (forum acct Kyrmius). To this day I seriously wonder just how much responsibility we (those who opposed the idea and voiced our opinions loudly) contributed to Rolf's decision. That time I wish I had kept my opinion to myself, because it may have helped trigger an event in the game that hurt other Players and their deeds, and I never intended that I assure you. Only Rolf knows who pissed him off the most with their comments... if the comments had the effect I fear they did.... so, if I was in any way responsible, I apologize. Besides that... if you were a PvE Player then, it sucked but I avoided it by not logging in for a while and let my premium expire.
  2. I read this edition just fine bdew. The other part of my comment that you did not quote was actually the main point I was trying to communicate. My apologies that my comment wasn't clear enough.
  3. Same thought came to me as well. There seems to be a quiet and persistent encouragement for players to take their toys and go to WU, but of course I might be a tad oversensitive on this. For the sake of the Players that partake in PvP and play on WU, this is a good edition of VI. Thanks Devs on their behalf.
  4. Thank you Warlander for replying to this thread. Much appreciated.
  5. Understood Sklo:D. Thanks for the reply.
  6. I am bound by the constraints of "legal" in real life and in anything to do with the internet and I answer to an authority the world does not even recognize as existing. "Non-Legal" versions of WU are out of the question for me and I don't even want to know they exist, but thank you for attempting to help us, much appreciated.
  7. With all the marvelous Coder/Programmer talent we have in our community I am confident that if the commitment were made to write a new server/client software package in could be done without STEAM. I look forward to that day when the commitment is made.
  8. Please this. I will never agree to Valve/STEAM's terms of service again, how I would jump at the chance to play WU on GOG or independently. Are there any plans for this to happen besides "maybe"? (How determined am I to never use STEAM? I myself gave up playing Skyrim... which I absolutely LOVED... when I made my decision to uninstall STEAM and never again use their portal. I have waited for and then gave up on playing dozens and dozens of games I was interested in simply because they required STEAM. I was willing to give up on the enjoyment of my gaming and I haven't backed down from that not even once. If I am willing to do that I can assure others here that I will never agree to the use of STEAM ever again, not even for Wurm.)
  9. I for one DID explain my reasons why I see the idea as a good one. You have confused your lack of appreciation for my reasons as a failure on my part to state reasons at all. I'm done with this thread. Enough Said.
  10. @ Wargasm First of all some Players may not want to run more than one client on their computers because of the Computer itself, or because of Bandwidth considerations. Not everyone has unlimited Bandwidth available in their area. Each client uses bandwidth. Secondly even if Players can run two clients at once and therefore two characters... what makes you or Rolf and the Devs believe everyone wants to run two characters at once? I myself can run several clients and won't, I run one client only except in special situations. You won't see me mining out my Mine system on my deed with an army of alts. (the reason for WHY I won't run more than one account is another topic entirely) Since the OP suggests this perhaps they too don't want to run multiple clients either. For Players that desire to run one character at a time that is both a Crafter and a Priest, that costs the price of two characters, what is the harm to the overall game? I see one area of concern... Possibly bugs associated with the melding of two character templates is the biggest concern I have, but as far as how much money is generated for CodeClub this suggestion would most definitely still make as much money (after expenses to develop the new character template are covered). So except for the possible bugs introduced with the new character "template" that would have to be introduced in the game I don't see that many issues and it would answer a customer request. A player that is that concerned over needing a "battery" wouldn't want this option anyway so I fail to see why that would be a consideration. +1 to suggestion.
  11. A Player purchasing 10 silver to buy premium is no different than a Player paying a subscription to another MMO or Online game... However once Rolf officially allowed Players to participate in the sales of characters/accounts and ingame items Wurm crossed a line in the sand and became P2W because of RMT. Now the ambition of players and their ability to spend as much real life cash as they choose... that effects the real life value of any character through Auctions alone raising and lowering such values in real life cash... makes Wurm P2W more than anything else. Players spending hoards of cash on their claims and deeds on Chaos and purchasing the characters they desire to win their conflicts proves beyond all doubt how P2W Wurm is.
  12. A time check just a few moments ago on Xanadu... [06:23:13] It is 17:54:34 on day of Sleep in week 1 of the Raven's starfall in the year of 1064. (Light conditions was late afternoon lighting) and now... 1 minute 29 seconds later.... [06:24:42] It is 01:54:02 on day of Awakening in week 1 of the Raven's starfall in the year of 1064. (Light conditions are now nighttime) (I saw your post Retrograde, just adding this as current event info. I'll shut up now.)
  13. This. I was surprised yesterday to see Time broken again so soon after maintenance as well. (Xanadu)
  14. We do have something in common. I have watched Wurm turn from what it was in 2008 into what it is today, and to me much of it isn't in the direction I myself would have wished it to go. Good luck with your suggestion Sir.