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  1. Celebration Map I will be handling future updates to the map. I will try to update every week to two weeks on the progress of the map. Click on this link for the updated map. (updated 17- September-2017) General Instructions: Just post the following information. Please only post settlement locations that you own. And do not PM your update requests. Thanks Settlement name Location (x,y) If posting new roads then please include an image with your post. Use an image hosting service such as and enclose the image link in [img.][/img.] (remove the periods). This is the new link to the map I have worked on, so it should be able to saved now. Fingers crossed.
  2. Stone rune of magranon, zinc 27,80ql 49c Stone rune of magranon, zinc 31,47ql 58c Stone rune of magranon, zinc 20,05ql 32c Stone rune of magranon, zinc 26,67ql 47c Please COD these to Kristof
  3. went to walk into mine on deed fell thru floor into a collapsed room area. cant see which way to mine to get out of it. A good quality vein iron onside a utmost on the other and stone on the other two sides.
  4. i will fix that
  5. thank you
  6. This page this tag Celebration Map Tpikol Map continued by Kristof. Forum Thread here is the actual link that works and doesnt give a 403 or 404 error thank you.
  7. Map updated as of June 6,2017 thank you everyone for the info and Moogien I add a special mailbox for you.
  8. Crystal rune of Libila, bronze 23,28ql 39c Crystal rune of Libila, bronze 33,67ql 64c Crystal rune of Libila, bronze 34,01ql 65c Crystal rune of Libila, bronze 34,99ql 68c please cod these to Kristof thanks
  9. The Golden Ridge is not on the map if you want Shamshe's on the map I will need the location. Thank you Moogien i will be trying to do a update to the map in the next few month's with a better legend so new things are added
  10. I have updated as of 4/18/2017
  11. Map has been updated as of April 16 2017 thank you everyone for the patience and you town areas i will try to keep it updated as things go on.
  12. Wall type should be stone fence rendered and house should be all rendered also. This happened after Hotfix 4/18/2017
  13. Hang on kid, this may smell bad but it will keep you warm. Man i thought the smelled bad from the outside.
  14. thank you for the fast delivery much appreciated
  15. QL 95 Shovel botd91 (4s) can you cod this to Bolov in game thank you
  16. The Map has been updated as of February 22,2017. If you would like your village on the map leave me a message, pm me in game same name Thanks everyone for the updates. Wurm on
  17. Man this is sad news to me and I will miss you. When you return remember we will welcome you back man. Have a good adventure and bring back awwesome stories we will all be waiting for your return. Live, Love, Laugh
  18. Celebration Community Map was updated today 02/16/2017. If there are any changes please let me know, and I will update the map. Thank yoo all you Celebrities on Celebrations for the help. Happy Wurming,.,,,
  19. Thank you for the quick delivery
  20. cod both the pickaxes to Kristof please
  21. Thank you Liisalisa I have updated the map as of January 28,2017 IF there are any deeds around you that have gone on the map or you see one that is on the map and its not in game please let me know either here or in game as Kristof. Thank you all for the help. Keep on wurman.
  22. Please send this to Kristof Steel Hatchet 93 QL 94 BOTD 31 Woodcutting imbue - 8s thank you
  23. Map is updated as of 2017/01/24 if there are any deeds that are no longer around or you would like your deed add to the map please let me know thank you.
  24. Hey your in a great alliance now you just have to talk