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  1. It could give, I didn't mean to suggest that it does give (since fresh fish don't exist). Sorry about the confusion. I was ambiguous.
  2. Herbs have the "fresh" modifier, so why not fish? For fish it could give more nutrition, longer affinity time, etc. or otherwise. In addition, this might give us a reason to have "fresh fish storage" as mentioned below. It would be a fun function for something that would also be a great dock decoration! Thanks!
  3. I'll second this, and it would be even better now with the new brick types.
  4. A white stallion named Cloudwind. He was a wonderful gift from Kins, and is the sire of at least 100 horses. As a result, we have to bring in mares from the neighbors to prevent inbreeding.
  5. Ahh... so this is where you guys pad your post count and likes so you can look down upon and judge those who don't engage in this sort of behavior, eh?
  6. On another note, if someone is so irritable that they'll unfriend you over you making a tab flash a few times, they are a special sort of drama crazy and probably are doing you a favor. lol
  7. More storage more better!
  8. Not needed anymore. Use the large storage unit.
  9. Read everything before you respond please. eg: "Disable Server Crossing Messages" The border crossing message/warning is the part that appears in orange. Whenever you change servers you actually log in to that server. That is not a border crossing message, but a log-in message. The complaint seemed to me to be about both, and if it wasn't then it was poorly worded.
  10. The multiple warning thing is a bit annoying when I have arrived at the edge I'd like to cross. That said, it has kept me from crossing without meaning to while tacking, so I am not so sure I'd want to get rid of it. One might say "Well if you've plotted the course to where you want it go then it doesn't matter, right?" Nope. There is a huge difference between crossing at the northern edge and the eastern edge, especially when you are going to Xanadu. True, one could just cross back over, but why when there should have been warning messages?
  11. Good idea!
  12. [12:59:30] You get a net trap. [12:59:40] The net trap will not fit in the shelf.