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  1. This thread is ruthless lol Uhh... +1 for fixing I guess... even the devs are too afraid to -1 this
  2. At this point if they did double the effective health of all players and removed Med perks/Sorcery spells and buffs i would be happy. It would make newer players far more viable since they are nothing but fodda atm and once they realize that they don't stick around (also make plate give a DR bonus vs players) The problem i see with removing this is there is it takes away the bridge between the lower end body accounts and the higher since if you have SOTG even on a lower atm you can still compete this change would favor the higher tier accounts making them more overpower well maybe (esp if not increasing overall Effective HP of players vs players), someone tell me if they think that sounds right?
  3. Sorry was referring to the state of their kingdom as a rule if they are being attacked the odds are stacked in the other kingdoms favour, didn't mean it to sound like it was easier to raid than defend. ---- You really think people will just pop in and out with it being made easier? (to cata/treb and remove safemines/merch) *IMO that will give people more reason to stay level/bash into everything if its nice and fast and make sure they get all of the loot left laying around lol* Easier to wreak everything a small group of people built cause they put all their loot in 1 place, TC grief tunnels and theres no loot there if everything is easy to destory you really think people will restrain themself out of what? goodwill? Reminds me of whats going on Ark survival evolved atm with Super tibres being able to cross servers and loot smaller ones with ease its pretty much cancer for that game and is killing servers and player numbers really fast. This is the point it comes off hollow for me too as part of a now smaller active kingdom makes it look like i just don't want these changes due to that.... at least I have little to no plans of cata/trebbing and still +1 that
  4. If you are the defender on chaos as a rule the odds are pretty stacked yeah.. but not in the way your implying
  5. Isn't raiding a way to create pvp acording to you? If the goal of the raid was to remove the deed then with a cata/treb fix that would be alot more doable Yes safemines are harder to get into but they should be, its how the deed is rebuilt (providing a tractor crew hasn't come through your deed and leveled it)
  6. You want the rewards for destroying somones deed to be higher so people want to destroy them more?
  7. But if the catas/trebs got a fix wouldn't that make raiding alot faster? Not sure what your complaining about now
  8. Yes and the only one I'd say doesn't come off as the largest kingdom asking for corn tribuets from the smaller ones lol. IDK it just seems to me that if raiding is dumbed down and the current "meta" <--- (people love that word, did i do it right?) it really only benifits the strongest kingdom and asking as that kingdom requesting that comes off hollow. Def +1 to fixing cata/trebs as for the rest... yeah na. I say this as someone with no alts or merchants on chaos.
  9. If what you where asking for was for catapults/trebs to be reworked so pits/slopes had no effect on range/hit/miss then id +1 that in a heartbeat. Instead I read give me loot and remove reinforced mines from the game.
  10. 8 hours to raid a deed with 1 person defending. Not sure if you are talking about leveling a deed or just going in for a drain or wanting to just take everything not nailed to the ground. I'd agree we removing things like token pits that can't be hit by catas or trebs but all you seem to want is any and all loot on the deeds. Easier access to safe mines/tauntable merchants, longer Log out timers for alts/players. If players are already to scared to be outside of deed when they aren't roaming, now you seem to want to make deeds themself ripe for the picking? If this was about land control.... theres plenty of free land since MRC disbanded and now that token drains stack untill disband (if drained within 48 hours) if a strong enough kingdom wreaks on a deed it will fall. The Crusaders have no interest in loot... just want pvp... Hmmm ok.
  11. Come join the oldest kingdom on chaos rebuilding itself. Join King Kixs and make JK great again!
  12. Yeah I thought i got the tile restriction wrong but as i said traders do not need to be dropped on a deed they will become a member of the deed of person who places them and they can be placed anywhere unless another trader is too close, so you can place it ondeed or on a friends or alts deed making the owners min deed requirement void. The rest doesn't seem worth going over again.
  13. -1 to all the above If you want to break up coins.... use a token. The rest seems to be nerf trader draining more cause reasons. Trading items in favor of the trader (as in he gets whats valued higher but you get the item you want for it) is meh not really needed as you just need to make up a few coppers not really a big deal. 2500 tiles in every direction from a trader instead of the 60 or so it is now... yeah... get out. Traders are already nerfed into the ground and what little use they are are doesn't need to be taken from them, just sounds like a bitter xana player being bitter. ((ah think i misread that and your meaning a deed size as a min not sure how large that would be but anyway its dumb as you can place a trader anywhere doesn't have to be on deed you can have this one large deed your apart of and drop it on another 1s deed or offdeed in the woods in a 1x1 house))
  14. I got click baited