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  1. COD Rake 79ql WoA51 CoC41 - 25c Butchering Knife 71ql WoA90 CoC51 - 35c Grooming Brush(oakenwood) 79ql CoC69 - 30c all to manikensalt
  2. 2 pelts please to manikensalt thank you
  3. Hey Vannin i am online atm if you wanna catch up to me
  4. i agree with this whole thing. +1
  5. This is a great deed. I would recommend any starting out players are any players in general to join this guy. If you need anything within reason he can provide.
  6. heyo looking to buy some more goods again. im in game atm ty
  7. Heyo need some stuff if you can send me a in game message that would be good ty
  8. or they could add to the design like flower sills on the outside of the windows like real life. again though we have double doors for everything but the canopy's
  9. +1 great idea
  10. -1 There are so many things you get a chance on making rare with rare logs planks etc. Its like saying lets get rid of the rarity altogether.
  11. but for those who do not have a wagon say but can use a large cart. The ones who have access to a large cart can not enter a single door.
  12. So i was looking and i noticed we only have single door canopy's why dont we also add double doors with the same idea. We got double doors for almost everything else.
  13. Hey im looking to buy some large crates please and thank you about 3 large crates would be good. Thank you.