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  1. +1
  2. +1 Would be a nice feature!
  3. Does it have to have ingredients in wurm or is this actual recipes
  4. Thank you all
  5. +1 i love me me a good bit of nature
  6. For those of you that know me, ingame as Windrune, I haven't been on much because my family was preparing for my mom to have open heart surgery which she had yesterday. I will be back next week and will be going back at it in wurm. Your guys thoughts or prayers (if your religious and what not) are appreciated Bryce aka Windrune
  7. -1 While it is a good idea many would abuse this to sell referrals or give themselves referrals
  8. You put Autumn Twilight in the wrong spot. It is north of linton at Crater of the Dawn Warehouse one (the deed that disbanded)
  9. Ooh never knew that was possible heh
  10. COD White Drake blood to me please (Windrune in game)
  11. Summoning @Budda
  12. +1
  13. Great seller!
  14. Any chance at accepting euros? Just curious