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  1. Maybe introducing fur/pelt for those that don't have it already and maybe use the fur as a component for the mount. Maybe even have fish Mounts (or maybe next gift premium players get could be a singing fish (sorta like the singing garden gnome))
  2. Lol but if you have any suggestions to improve head mounts feel free to post them
  3. Nope. It was me. Not first but I brought it back up so
  4. Ahh. Thought I saw something a while ago aha
  5. I'm pretty sure support was dropped for Mac and Linux
  6. Yea 😂😂👌
  7. We need animal head mounts
  8. +1 cause it can be annoying but -1 cause I hate turning around and jumping out of my clothes because I get jump scared by some guard 😂
  9. Puzzle Plaza, The old autumn twilight area
  10. It always reverts to just 50s and its rather annoying
  11. I wish .-.
  12. I'm a he 😂
  13. +1 I wanna ride a salamander
  14. Awesome service! -Windrune/Marlon
  15. This place is only 30ql