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  1. So um bump
  2. If I remember correctly, it used to be much easier to see through and walk into cave wall protrusions; And then it was patched to make it harder. This may be what I'm referring to: Made wall collisions wider, to remove the see through feature.
  3. I guess this is something along the lines of what you mean, probably better ways of laying out etc.
  4. Extra states in fsbs, sure. Removing all the extra 'steps' really cancels out a huge chunk of recipes and I prefer choice. Perhaps find something other than bangers n mash that gives similar benefits without all those un-storable steps. I use waybread to fill the bars then refresh, suits my us just fine.
  5. I think you lot are overthinking/reading into this too much, if some of those full-stops were comma's you wouldn't be posting this ######. Tool looks great, perfect way to turn some of my own spreadsheets into a more legible and searchable medium YAY. Thanks for releasing this to us mate.
  6. Thank you!
  7. Bump. Still no uses found.
  8. 1 20c plate guantlet, 2 30c plate sabatons Cod: Silentsmith Thanks
  9. Well, they were trying to force us to have it for free... Correctamundo
  10. Maple because autumn colours
  11. Avoid Hardly normal like the plague, over priced ###### everywhere, go pccasegear or msi for decently priced gear. When buying windows licences its generally more cost effective to go with OEM copies.
  12. When people do their copy-paste hourly spiels it does get a bit annoying.