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  1. So the program runs and opens correctly but I am unable to use my mouse within the program. If I hover over a tile I can see the x and y but I can't click on the tiles or any of the options. Any ideas?
  2. I think this server is dead already, but I'm coming here to check on it all the same.
  3. I can't recommend living here enough! Fraeya is a great host and has a lot to offer. He has a great attention for detail and a true vision. He loves to include the other villagers in his plans, but he will leave you alone if you are just looking for a place to stay while you skill. I only left to pursue other interests and make a place of my own.
  4. Fraeya above has a nice place. I'd recommend you check it out. Great place to come skill while having somebody to have a chat with.
  5. Bumping for these guys. I just met them while passing through and they were very nice.
  6. Just chiming in here as the friend of Coren. Squirrels, that is a nice looking spot you got there. I'm a fan. We are for sure interested in RP, so that is pretty enticing. You sure other is the area are cool with that?
  7. Would love to use this. I'll try and remember to be in it whenever I'm on.
  8. Still looking for people interested in Rp.
  9. OK work on the town center has begun. You can see the plans on our forums. Stop by and say hi.
  10. OK guys plans going up tomorrow for town. Still looking for rpers.Check out the location post on our forums to see this awesome spot.
  11. Hey guys. We are still looking for rpers. The plans for the village we be ready by the 20th. We will then have a layout which will be posted here and on the our forum. Come meet the people and see what you think.
  12. Woot we are connected! Looks like we will be meeting not to long from now. I'll keep in touch through the forums and we will arrange a meeting.
  13. That would be awesome. Good luck. We are across the map unfortunately. Radiant Valley http://roleplaywurm.enjin.com/mobile/forum/viewthread/m/22031061/id/13144866-we-have-found-our-location We can still plan events and trips out there. Once we are up and running, we will send a diplomat by ship to meet and greet. Maybe bearing gifts..... BTW are you starting fresh characters?
  14. You can reach me at Bandu for the moment. I'm on and off from 6:30pm to 1:00am Est.
  15. Love it! We have an Roleplay group as well, although it is on the other side of the map We would like be in touch for events and such if you are interested.