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  1. Moved to WO client issues.
  2. Moved to WU server issues.
  3. Moved to WU questions.
  4. That's the anti-personnel mines in case non-dev players get too close to the test area before the changes are ready to be seen.
  5. Removed Kalandoor Hunting Ranch, added Patko
  6. Hopefully someone can make use of some of this - any item, 20c each. Buyer pays CoD costs (or collects from Southern Release). Imps can be arranged for extra cost.
  7. I have a few rare rock shards over 60ql, and apparently one at 78, if you're interested?
  8. Highway updated.
  9. I, for one, welcome our new Gnomish overlords. We have confidence in their good intentions... HELP HELP, I'M TRAPPED IN A GNOME FACTORY! THEY TOOK OVER THE HAMSTERS!
  10. Without addressing traders directly, it seems that what you're basically asking for is a reduction in deed upkeep costs. Using traders to achieve that just hides the end effect in extra complexity.
  11. Renamed Panacea to Darknor Removed Cynosure
  12. ...oh dear...
  13. Fixed in next update.
  14. I'm not really seeing that blessed lamps are enough of a scarce commodity that they'd be worth the effort of bashing, or hard to replace. I get that not everyone has high BS or a priest alt, but there are enough priests around - I know I'd happily throw out a few free blesses on one of mine if there was someone asking for them, and I also know that others in my alliance would too. I have to imagine the situation isn't that different on other servers. We haven't seen a spate of people bashing high ql public lamps to steal them so far, and planted stuff de-planting on damage has been around for a while; I don't see that blessed lamps being desirable is likely to be that much of an issue either.