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  1. Removed: Novastrov Mistwood Haven Added: Silvir Bluff
  2. Removed: Novastrov Mistwood Haven Added: Silvir Bluff
  3. To reinforce what's said in the OP, due to other commitments, I'm sometimes not able to get into the game during the week; this can mean that if you send bloods on (say) Tuesday, they might not get mixed until the following weekend. You're welcome to PM me if you're worried (I do check the forums far more regularly), but do be aware that as a free service, this may sometimes take a little while, but I will get to your bloods.
  4. I've not been in game for a few days - I'll catch them this weekend, though.
  5. If you have dual Intel / discrete graphics, force java apps to use the discrete graphics (it'll be a setting in the GPU control panel somewhere). If you only have Intel graphics (HD4000 series in particular), disabling GLSL support via the launcher options may help, but unfortunately, Wurm doesn't get on with Intel integrated graphics chips.
  6. FWIW, the fact that farm tiles all age at slightly different rates means that if you miss playing for a critical couple of days, you won't lose the entire crop. And crops do have 2 age increments in which they can be maximally harvested, so the window is already pretty big; of course, you might just want the harvestable window enlarged, but I don't see that as a useful change personally.
  7. Folks, please keep WO and WU issues separate - if you have a WO issue, please make a thread for it in the appropriate WO sub-forum. As the code bases are not the same, it gets really hard to figure out whether something broke, and if so, what it was, when you don't know where to start looking. The more info you can give, the better - what happened, when, any extra details, etc.
  8. Locked at OP request.
  9. I may have a little bit of diced dragon somewhere. What are you offering for it?
  10. Added: Get Off My Lawn Brickyard Hollows Removed: Serenity Persistence Adjusted roads as above
  11. Removed: Mellow Meadow Viper Stretch Added: ShamFlam Pizzaplace
  12. This contains a yule goat.
  13. This contains a soft cap.
  14. This contains a yule reindeer.