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  1. Fixed in next update.
  2. I'm not really seeing that blessed lamps are enough of a scarce commodity that they'd be worth the effort of bashing, or hard to replace. I get that not everyone has high BS or a priest alt, but there are enough priests around - I know I'd happily throw out a few free blesses on one of mine if there was someone asking for them, and I also know that others in my alliance would too. I have to imagine the situation isn't that different on other servers. We haven't seen a spate of people bashing high ql public lamps to steal them so far, and planted stuff de-planting on damage has been around for a while; I don't see that blessed lamps being desirable is likely to be that much of an issue either.
  3. I'll be reviewing this in due course.
  4. Added New Bayview.
  5. Updated.
  6. Topic split out from the map topic.
  7. All horse-like critters that wear shoes should show the shoes (with different colours for gold and silver).
  8. Done
  9. The problem is that deed membership is per-server. So when you're not on your home server, you're not logged in, as far as your deed is concerned, which is why you don't get alliance chat. You can be a member of a different deed on other servers, as well - how do you handle alliance chats if you're a member of different deeds on different servers? Essentially, the system isn't designed for deed membership to cross over servers, and changing it opens a whole can of worms, so it probably won't change anytime soon.
  10. It's a bug (mea culpa), and there's a fix in place; it should go live in the next day or 2.
  11. If you move a noisy hive, and the server 'notices', you'll lose the extra queen; not a big deal, as so long as the conditions are right, another will be along soon. This check is done as part of tile polling, so it's a bit hit and miss whether you get it; the longer the hive is in your transport, the more chance there is. If there's no honey in the hive when you move it, put some sugar in instead.
  12. Since a number of people have asked recently, yes I am still doing this. Please be aware, I'm not in game every day, so it may take a few days to get stuff turned around.
  13. Heh, I too came from DDO to Wurm. I pick up (Open)TTD or Dwarf Fortress from time to time, currently noodling with Factorio.
  14. In terms of actual entries on the server, there are 619. However, that includes a number of duplicates where slightly different recipes have separate files for technical reasons, but produce essentially the same thing. Also beverages tend to produce lots of entries: a particular distilled drink includes a raw mix (generally heat-based), plus a fermented intermediate, plus a final distillation - thus a minimum of 3 recipes. Additional variations (fruit, etc) may add more. I'm not sure how that translates into the final number reported by mousing over the cookbook - we don't have anyone with all the recipes discovered, as far as I know.