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  1. Humpty bumpty jumpty, better get on these gems before they go south for the winter!
  2. 380e-420e
  3. Wassup guys! So I'm selling Malyk because I bought a better pvp account, I'm looking to get 135e for him. If you guys wanna haggle you can but I'm not gunna flex that much. https://niarja.com/skill_compare/Malyk He will be located on the east coast of Indy with a basic plate set/med maul and large metal shield. Sicko on the path of insanity [11:13:46] You have premium time until 10 Apr 2017 16:28:32 GMT Comes with no silver and no deed. Thanks for the look guys and gals!
  4. Bumpo! you have 99 problems but if you buy these gems they won't be one!
  5. Show daddy what ya got, pm me via forums pleeaassee
  6. Bump only 2 days left!
  7. I fixed it thank you for the heads up!
  8. Starting off a 3 day auction here with 5400.48ql worth of gems (minus the star gems listed) Not really sure the worth of the star gems so if you wanna bid on those go ahead. 711.98 ql worth of rubies 764.75 ql worth of sapphires 1222.73 ql worth of opals 1269.15 ql worth of emeralds 1431.87 ql worth of diamonds Like I said its a 3 day auction, if I feel like its not doing well I'm going to stop the auction and try again another week. If I receive a buyout via pm and feel its fair I will accept. Starting bid: 5s Increments: 50c Buyout: we can talk in PM's Have fun and thanks for looking!
  9. Not sure why belthize things is quoted So based off of the past 2 weeks of hunting using a shield between 28ql-60ql with 90 coc I've seen decent gains. If I go out and can find trolls or bears (wait for the later post) in abundance I can get about .50 LMS in around 40 minutes sub 70. The reason I use bears and trolls as example because I notice more ticks from mobs that maul. In short use a medium quality shield with high coc and run with it.
  10. I recommend LT for any PVE situation. I use a medium maul with LT and a LMS and kill trolls with no issues. RNG could be screwing you too
  11. "windows of opportunity"
  12. "those Pto affinities are cute"
  13. I just saw them I'm sorry, responding to you now sir.
  14. Chiry