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  1. For those who know me, they know I am a huge nerd and cosplay for Steelcity Con a lot. Love doing steampunk. Not the best pic but this is a recent pic getting ready for con.
  2. Well Jake that's a good point. They fill perim lamps regardless. And people can bless now. So I really think the coding could easily be changed. And oil barrels given new purpose.
  3. The issue with large oil barrels is, they are designed for Templar use. You don't have to have one for lamps but the programming is set for templars to fill lamps with oil from the barrel. So if you have a Templar and a liquid in the barrel, you may notice the liquid poof faster than decay would hit. Tho the idea of milk filled lamps was funny to my friends and I when we realized we can't milk and store in there. That programming line would need removed and seal would need added. Or just make a similar container.
  4. For people who can't or don't hunt, that sounds like a good idea. I know a few years ago we had a poll to make more use out of fur. Either you have to have high skill to make rugs or get bulk fur that can only be used on a bed. One such suggestion was I think sleeping bags that work like beds when not at a building. I really think more use of fur needs revisited. Even bison fur collected and other furs used in clothing would be nice.
  5. +1 The idea of a glove already in game would be useful. Some spell that priests already have like bless to turn it into enchanted work glove. Then be able to cast coc/woa on it.
  6. Did Ayuna forget to take her climbing gear on the expedition? Also, the horses swim so hopefully it's still on land.
  7. So encouraging new players to build on mountain tops for the view isn't a good idea? I mean they have leather on at least so not too bad getting struck....
  8. But yes a display for special things would be nice. Show off the rare shield etc for all to see
  9. My give us nahjos and cheese campaign continues. And that display case is perfect to sell this delicious treat at the lodge. We need this now XD
  10. I don't understand how you even get close. If you keep a barrel with food and water to keep replenished, you always have full action timers and never get fatigue. New cooking system even lets you keep bars fuller longer with meals like bangers and mash. Food and water stay full longer and stamina drains slower. I mine or dig or do whatever for hours and never get fatigue. It's a game you have to drink and eat in. If you don't do that then you will have consequences.
  11. I'm almost afraid to log in and check mine now. Sigh
  12. Still want tich to make Nahjos and Cheese. XD
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