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  1. I met up with pandy and Kris IRL last year. I took her Oreos XD
  2. Lol I have Wikidvudu on pvp atm making support beams. It's so much fun *eye roll*. I'll be back to cele soon tho.
  3. Sigh, looks like I'll be doing many projects in the mines.
  4. pffft he just wanted to come over for tea.
  5. Let's not start a fight please. It's a nice thread among old friends. So play nice children or I'll send my vicious attack chickens over.
  6. Slacker. Log in and say hi once in awhile.
  7. Private loot but announcing it means you just stand in local while the people having the kill does the fighting. You get free blood and be on your way. They do all the work. Anyway sorry I can't be there tuga. The whole moving thing and no internet at new house yet. Have fun.
  8. Congrats guys!!!! But have we figured out how to stop wolfey from chasing his tail all day?
  9. You're a wood texture?
  10. The old man had to watch his bridge get zapped for the sake of screenshot and testing... Then there's a poor bear in the water traumatized by all of it. We had to send him to therapy for it.
  11. Moss can be planted just like grass. It's easily removed by packing it down.
  12. I know it can spread. But the rate was always so I credibly slow. An increased spread rate is good but easy destroy makes the potions pointless. If you take the time to make it in an area only for someone to just pack it all down, it would cause some major anger. Like moss can be planted or packed away. But doesnt spread. All the other things that require potions to make can't be removed easy. So tundra should have more difficulty. Maybe not have to use potion to remove but not just pack and dig.
  13. I think removing pack and dig from it would be nice. Make it unique like other tiles. If they're making us use a blessed copper and juice mutation potion to make then it should only have the potion to be able to remove.
  14. Learn to multitask when typing lol
  15. So we could get ice skating if that happened then... And valrei falling is fine as long as it hits anywhere but cele lol