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  1. Please add Rusty Ranch [696, -7038]
  2. Same issue, reloging does not fix the lights.
  3. I bet you every other online game you played was fully developed with the exception of expansions. Wurm is far from fully developed and thus needs downtime to fix bugs and apply updates.
  4. Lol this is mine I made a few years ago for my wurm meme thread. >.< There was a lot of good ones in there.
  5. Do you have any left? If so can you COD one to Raykow?
  6. -1 or is this just a really bad joke?
  7. If it's still there in 8 hours after I'm done work I'll pop out and kill it, Already killed several solo, they're not even a challenge for me. Edit: Sailed around for a bit seems to have been killed or moved somewhere else.
  8. I can plan it for you, pm me for details
  9. I can do it, but I'm not on until after work, usualy on around 1am - 7am EDT send me a pm on the forums or ingame and we can arange a time.
  10. Yes but with all the tedious boring missions or fearful mining with can flippers or suicide pilots in 1.0 space now, no new player wants to sit down and do that, I'd rather make 10k bricks in Wurm.
  11. Wurm Online is a sandbox. With that said anyone is free too manipulate the environment, including the would be no good griefers who get a kick out of destruction and others misfortunes. Paying extra for a deed to prevent unwanted modifications makes sense because it stops someone from grabbing the land and taking it from those who would use it. Sure you get people who deed huge areas and do nothing with it, but that is their choice because that is their money to waste and sooner or later it will disband or be sold to a player who would use it. As far as free to play, World of Warcraft is free to play up to level 20 just like wurm, but once you hit 20 there's nothing to do so in both games you are forced to subscribed. So many games now are marked as "free to play" and are really all just micro transactions. I've played so many of theses and right on day one if I wanted to get anywhere I've been forced to spend up to $30 or just to be able to have a mount or buy coins for a new dungeon unlock or any of the things that would make the game fun. In my opinion an far more expensive game to play would be Eve Online with all the cash you need just to get a decent ship to do anything, or Runescape that limits free player to a few skills and less then 1/4 of the map along with their new "buy coins to gamble" system.