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  1. Now send it to meeee
  2. If you have an animal cared for someone else, you can't wipe that person's care for and put it onto a char of your own (which you control). In effect it is still under the caring for "control" of the other person. The suggestion is probably that you could wipe the caring for by another person if you brand it, although that would take a lot of reprogramming.
  3. 8
  4. The only bugs in wurm are the ones causing things like embark on your cart (oops, camera freeze, relog! Hope not to die because of a bug...) The other bugs feel the wrath of my longsword. Other than that, we are pretty safe from bugs.
  5. I should be able to like this one twice. So LIKE.
  6. I came to suggestion thread to ask for this. Make some kinds of flowers which we can harvest/sow which will stop trees from growing. Could be something similar to enchanted grass but instead it would be made from seeds we sow specifically for flower tiles (and thus honey production). Wild flowers can still come and go as per usual. Alternatively, have shrubs like lavender, roses and camellia deliver same potency for honey production than flowers growing in grass.
  7. Please create such an item of wonder. +1.
  8. Please look into this. I have some very beloved animals and would like them to stay alive. Please fix this or let us know if it has been tweaked or tampered with. Ta.
  9. Wow so that makes a difference? Very finicky... Thanks Cerber.
  10. It's all that pretty cuteness misleading us all...the starry deer may just cause all of Wurm to collapse in a screaming heap of lag fest...
  11. When trying to sell something to token, the following appears: [11:15:49] There are apparently no coins in the coffers at the moment. Can someone please clarify why this is happening? It happened several times in the last fortnight while I never saw it previously. Thanks!
  12. Not unlike your forum avatar hair - love the walls and love your hair!
  13. Despite clear explanations by many people on this thread, you are still missing the point: The question was not in relation to one item with regards to huge volume of storage it allows. It is about the introduction of multiple items replacing the multiple uses of fountain pans. One for armor. One for weapons. One for tools. One for rares. One for enchanted mats. Yes, liquids have been addressed of sort, well, I still have to see it in game but at least it has been hinted at in news. However, the request of the OP relates to disclosure of items which will be made available in game to limit or do away with decay. These items would benefit all Wurmians, not just those with pans. The official response is that people are reminded about magical chests, for sale at 50 silver, from a trader...so go buy a few! But, a large magical chest is a contradiction in terms. It is neither large, nor magical. The amount of stuff it can hold, is laughable for the price they want in game. So, people will have to purchase multiple magical chests just to keep some of their stuff safe. Wouldn't it be better to just introduce craftable items that every Wurmian can create themselves, free of charge, to allow for less decay? Your other solution is Merchant contracts? You do know that these are also a "glitch" or sorts, right? Merchants were created for people to sell stuff with, not as storage cupboards. I guess it won't be long before merchants too will be hit with the nerf and decay hammer, since they too are not working as intended. Your opinion about hoarders is not irrelevant, else you would not have bothered voicing it so loudly. It did serve a purpose though, namely a threat that the thread will be closed due to "arguing". On a side note, if you ever bothered to visit Fairy's deed, you would know that it would be a shame to hide her beautiful created items in any container...why would anyone want to have others hide the way they express their creativity? Some items are kept in fountain pans and magical chests, sure. But the things that make the deed so special, things like braziers/forges/fireplaces/furniture/fountains/bridges/statues/turrets...these things which all take constant decay, are what makes the place unique.
  14. I guess there are some differences between WO and WU, mainly to do with the ability to earn currency inside WO as there are other players, and real life money plays a role. However, with less players in WO to trade with, and more leaving for WU or other games, the potential to earn money inside WO becomes diminished. I have seen high QL rares with high casts sell for 5 silver, where two years ago you would buy a blank, creation level rare for 5 silver . High skill chars have sold for less than one gold, which would not even cover the premium time needed to get those skills up to those levels. With fewer players, deeds don't sell. Traders were nerfed, hence you can't give them away now, since they are the proverbial white elephant that just continue to earn less than even the actual deed upkeep to keep them on. Fountain pans are going to be removed, leaving more people with more chores and less incentive to pay for a deed where you log in only to do chores and repairs for a lot of the time. I recently paid for grass to be enchanted, just to find it packed again within 6 weeks. Wurm is still small. It is still unique, and very immersive. But whether it is cheap in the big scheme of things, becomes more debatable the smaller the playerbase is. It is a catch 22 as well. With less players, game developers have less people to get money from for paying devs and programmers, or servers, security, or other costs (buildings, living expenses, etc.) Lowering the cost for current players will lower their income. This may lead to less money for developing the game further. This may lead to more bleeding of people to WU or other games. It really is a double edged sword. Just my two cents as well.
  15. This. Thanks. +1 Please look into decay on deeds also.