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  1. 28s (not a double post after all)
  2. Oh now that would be useful.
  3. It'll be weeks before anybody can see the docks for all the boats.
  4. It looks like I'll be able to make it after all, Will be there with Rollypolly.
  5. A bit early to be making a commitment for christmas but given the length of time going I'm sure I'll pop up, will be available as a weapon smith and I'll drift into whatever my skills allow if that's not busy.
  6. it think what I'm seeing in attendance dropping is mostly due to timing. I'm expecting it to increase slowly for the next 3 and then jump up as people in Europe are back from work and can attend.
  7. J 13 or thereabouts.
  8. I'll bring myself and possibly some Fo goodness if my connection behaves.
  9. So for anybody doing searches for Quicksilver canal and deep or shallow water, it is now deep enough for all shipping.
  10. I will put the edge back on my sword and be there.
  11. I'll be there
  12. Aiming to be there.
  13. You have my axe, or sword. Probably sword.
  14. I was nto expecting to make this but I'm heading there now, wind dependant. Also depending on not crashing like at the white