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  1. trowel, iron 8ql COC91 - 1s25c cod to this toon ty
  2. Mining from 79-90 i did it finally after numerous fatigue stops but it was over four days.
  3. I hit fatigue first time when i was mining to 90 at 89.3805 then took a long break with sleep the hit fatigue again at 89.9895 then i waited over 3 hours again then got title and 90 mining 4 hits later. that's a pretty silly system.
  4. I think it's easy if you are using a skillers pickaxe when mining i keep hydrated i kept full of food i never waste time on an action because i am too lazy to keep food and water up.
  5. I wonder if games like call of duty limit people to how many people they kill because people cheat with wall hacks and aimbots i don't think they limit their game to effect the majority because of a minority.
  6. Yeah just had it done to me too,what a terrible idea to be forced to take a break seriously is this wurm Nazi edition or something ? i have been to the butchers and shops in real life and i still hit cap ,perhaps Rolf can come feed me tuck me in to bed and read me a story FFS And the oh you can do other things whilst you wait i can still do things without fatigue limit ?? what about my safety??? i though Rolf cared ...Hypocrisy increased by 0.0106 to 91.1341
  7. +1 wogic at it's finest
  8. how does that fit in my 2 day old 1x1 shed
  9. 101.rake,iron (coc 99)ql 1 price 1s40c
  10. 47. Pickaxe, steel (coc 97) ql 4 price 2s 39. Pickaxe, iron (botd 85) ql 90 price 1s Send to this toon please and ty
  11. TY took them 15 mins to deliver great service
  12. I will be there too ,singing happy birthday to you! thanks for the event Lisa we are lucky to get a public dragon slaying
  13. You already get specific searches at 25? and i am 70 botanizing if i go looking for woads for paint, i can get over 100 an hour using Bot_resources,same goes for herbs on a grass tile and as you level you can get 1,2,3 and 4 attempts per grass tile as long as that grass tile has long grass growing.