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  1. Truth ,the truth is people like you with you moral beliefs ruin this "game" for some players.and you have the hide to put a $40 value on someones happiness remind me of a person i used to live on their deed with ...
  2. Why would i listen to a guy with screwed up morals such as yourself,the same guy who sold accounts owned by others ..JEEZ it's just a game then you should not be such a greedy player as " it's just a game"
  3. Well i have a few people on my watch-list now after some of the comments
  4. Sorry to hear Tuga Well whilst staff continue to follow rules over commonsense in cases like this people like Zilbar will thrive,and the victim is the one to blame/fault
  5. please close ty
  6. I think it's convenient a supreme forge under 80ql can burn just with starting kindling and no fuel added for over 50 minutes ..try that with a normal forge
  7. trowel, iron 8ql COC91 - 1s25c cod to this toon ty
  8. Mining from 79-90 i did it finally after numerous fatigue stops but it was over four days.
  9. I hit fatigue first time when i was mining to 90 at 89.3805 then took a long break with sleep the hit fatigue again at 89.9895 then i waited over 3 hours again then got title and 90 mining 4 hits later. that's a pretty silly system.
  10. I think it's easy if you are using a skillers pickaxe when mining i keep hydrated i kept full of food i never waste time on an action because i am too lazy to keep food and water up.
  11. I wonder if games like call of duty limit people to how many people they kill because people cheat with wall hacks and aimbots i don't think they limit their game to effect the majority because of a minority.
  12. Yeah just had it done to me too,what a terrible idea to be forced to take a break seriously is this wurm Nazi edition or something ? i have been to the butchers and shops in real life and i still hit cap ,perhaps Rolf can come feed me tuck me in to bed and read me a story FFS And the oh you can do other things whilst you wait i can still do things without fatigue limit ?? what about my safety??? i though Rolf cared ...Hypocrisy increased by 0.0106 to 91.1341
  13. +1 wogic at it's finest
  14. how does that fit in my 2 day old 1x1 shed