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  1. Its ok. Theyll just ban the side who didn't honour the 1v1. Probl solved
  2. Caption: Quick lets sail it to the shroud, I know a guy
  3. Caption: Sirlaw did nothing wrong
  4. An open and friendly discussion on Mr Gary
  5. That dioptra is as good as Hemz's already buddy
  6. There are accepted minimums for recruiting based on cr and stats for most kingdoms already . As for posting other, instead of showing in spell effects which is highly unlikely for the devs to accomplish due to the amount of variables, just make a clear considered post outlining all stackable cr for those who cba figuring out the mysteries
  7. Bump
  8. Only 8 hours remaining
  9. Bump
  10. I have 2 transmutation rods for sale at 25s per rod. Collect only at Napkin Hideaway U16 Celebration by prior arrangement
  11. Starting Bid: 20s Increments: 1s
  12. The branded critters count towards population of a deed. I approve of this use of the branding function as it proves that the population that a village allows is far too high and should as such be reviewed
  13. For a low sodium diet and a relaxed introduction to chaos join Wurm University today
  14. K then quick fix, disable lv11 on pvp , double health across the board, enable enchant grass, freeze/erupt as standard spells
  15. Whatever temp change is gonna be a flustercluck but any change at this point is better than stagnation and neglect. Id propose the following, double the hit point pool as i've been informed previously that this is static with every other modifier being damage reduction (please confirm as i cant be arsed buying wu). This serves to mitigate the damage players can output. Then instead of looking at further nerfing sotg perhaps look at ways of improving the utility and functions of the other meditation paths rather than outright nerfing. In this case i would also suggest putting in instant path transfers with something like a 1 month cd on transferring again at a future date (youve gotten the skill and the timers once already, why go through it all over again). We just need suggestions on how best to improve the other paths