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  1. I have iron ore viens I have been removing from a tunnel. I can help you out with three (3) silver worth of work, so ten (10) crates full of ore which would be three thousand (3,000) actions. I can come get you, bring you to the work site and provide a bed for you sleep in.
  2. With out a topic in the parent thread town square, I will not add the complaint to this consolidated topic. I need to have a topic to link to so that both the accuser and accused can bring forth their points and counter points. Trying to debate three different instance in the same thread makes it very difficult to determine which post is referencing which incident.
  3. I am connecting some buildings via bridges right now, and the character holding the range pole is using the hammering animation instead of holding it up like he used to. So this means the guy bends down and then starts waving the pole up and down so you only see the tip of the pole.
  4. I like doing highway work, and have no issue with converting highways to what ever uniform is decided upon. But what ever is decided on, practicality would be something to keep in mind. Like is some one decides marble slabs look best. In order to just do 1 row of 3 wide, would be equivalent to doing 5 rows 3 wide with normal bricks.
  5. This cats name was Dusty and was one I grew up with from when i was a kid. He made it to 21 in age before the next door neighbors dog got out of its yard, ran up to the cat on our front porch and killed him. Dusty was a lap cat and when ever you would take a seat, he would crowl out from where he was resting from, be it a box or even some other warm spot and come and lay in your lap. In this photo I was at the computer and had a standard size pillow in my lap so he could lay on it with out sliding between my legs. Plus he was a 20 pound cat, being as he had a good amount of Siberian in him. He was a purring machine so in this shot he was on my lap kneading the air with his paws while drifting off to sleep. For scale, that is a Logitec Wave keyboard in the back, and then a can of Coca~Cola along with a standard size pillow. Dusty also had the nickname lover bug because this cat would lets kids pull on him and he would just lay there.
  6. It shouldn't change any thing at all, as I had started it years ago and never finished it as some one put a deed over the work while I was in the middle of it.
  7. Greetings to all my Deliverance residance. Your local highway building posting up here as a heads up. There is a highway that heads past shark lake, it squeezes down into 1 tile wide in an area I call the bowl. I have lost much skill there due to the mobs, but that is beside the point. I have plans and have come to the conclusion to cause as little disturbance to other roads there I am going to at least upgrade to two tiles wide on the north and south portion of my planned work. The east and west portion will be three tiles wide while keeping my calling card highway pattern. There may be some disruption to the flow of traffic as this will not be a project that will be done in a few days. I think i will need two months on it as it will requiring surface mining. I have marked in the yellow the portion of the road I am upgrading. The white line is the current road it self and i will be following that path. I have no intention of changing its current path, I only marked in yellow to show which portion I will be working on. I will be leveling, widening, and adding road art basically. This is located at M 20 using the community map and R 17 using the in game map. There are no other deeds near this area for I have looked in the area. If some one is intrested in helping, pleaes cntact me for the plans I have, my highways are bit of a high standard when I make them. See link for an example.
  8. I'm up for doing this and seeing how it goes. Please send to Theonis.
  9. Good Day to you, I have a few items from your stock I wish to purchase. 32 hammer, iron 70ql BOTD80 - 1s20c 24 wild cat pelt 100ql 0dmg BOTD80 - 1s20c 22 whetstone 97ql BOTD82 - 1s30c
  10. I prefer open grass land, but if I'm doing trees just for looks, Fir trees.
  11. I play on freedom servers, deliverance to be more precise. I have e been in chaos but as with all PvP unless you spend a year there no one trusts you so you miss out on thee cool parts. Regardless of this fact this particular situation is a sticky situation. With how the rules are, the accused didn't do any thing wrong, this was added to the list as a reminder to those people who trust friends when on what can happen. This game has a thing with greed creeping and it shows in the ugliest ways. Some one I know left the game, a few of them. The ones who left the game for good gave me access to Thier account as well so I could use. The difference is I have been in this game long enough to know they always come back years later. It was my account for free that some one gave me, and one of them when the question was brought up to sell the account I contacted the original owner to get permission. I wanted a paper trail, and proof that I was free and clear to do so. The original owner ended up selling the account t them selves. In my opinion I feel both parties were in the wrong. I have linked the original post so others can read through it and form their own opinion on it. With my description I tried to sum up the issue in as small of a description as possible. While trying to show that both parties were in the right and the wrong at the same time.
  12. Darklords, your ideas were considered and I approached the Forum moderation team on this. Discussion came down to the consensus that the way I am doing it now is best. Any ways, I have updated the list.
  13. I'll make this tunnel project. Something to get away from thies lamps.
  14. I live on deliverance my self, three deeds there, but I am a deli rat and have been there for years. I would also recommend Independence as the people are rather helpful over there. I do a lot of traveling and that server as an active chat channel. Deli seems to have started to shift towards the new guys and the old guys club. Xanadu, every time I go over there I get a lot of chat that paraphrased to go back to your server we don't like your kind over here.
  15. The issue I'm trying to prevent is getting the thread locked. If you look at all the links I have up, the threads were locked once the informative conversation devolved into just straight flaming on both the accused and accusers side. I wouldn't mind having all the issues post in this thread as it makes it easy to keep organized on the forums, but it wouldn't last long as the conversation between reporter and the reported turns into just an argument medium. If its any thing about wurm I have learned to accept, you can't hold people to the standard of doing the right thing.