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  1. As a Paaweelr priest, I tried both AoSP and Web Armor... same result... [21:34:59] The spell will not work on that.
  2. Infected wounds are different from poison wounds. Desecrating an altar can give you either one (or a simple hole). The wound healed itself as it was only 1.3 damage (and the second was 0.34), so using cure medium was not necessary.
  3. I am Path of Insanity, so I have the option to "clean" infected wounds. After failing to desecrate a WL altar (I am a champion of Nathan), I received a 1.34 damage infected wound. Using the "clean" option, I get the following: [17:53:01] The wound is not dirty or infected. The same error applies to two wounds.
  4. Fog

    I vote just remove fog
  5. "Basic survival" does not entail being able to build a house. I'm sorry, but it doesn't. I stand firmly on this issue because if you give them an inch, they'll take a mile. There is no way to allow full functionality as a main without lifting priest restrictions, and restrictions, I feel, should not be lifted. Therefore, someone is always going to complain that they can't enjoy the game to the fullest as a priest.
  6. Wait, your priest can only channel? Damn, no wonder you can't handle basic survival.
  7. You may have misunderstood my post (I was being sarcastic), but I am not in support of any lifting of priest restrictions. If you devs feel obligated to make priests a stand alone character that can do everything, then lord knows we're not going to be able to change your mind. I've made the argument with countless posts in the past.... if you're a priest, and you're doing enchanting, there *should* be restrictions that your character has to live by. There's no rule that says every character has to be able to do everything, but if that's the case, I'd love for priests not of the Smeagain deity to be viable in PvP again. People that don't have priests buy or trade for CoC/WoA tools. It's always been that way. If you main a priest, and you want a house built, you hire a carpenter/mason... it's always been that way. Priests CAN build houses, they are great crafters for making bricks, mortar and planks, and it does cut the time it takes to build a house from scratch in half. For anyone that buys their building materials because they are too lazy to make their own, chances are they can afford their own priest/crafter to support their "main". My priest has almost 80 masonry, 53 stonecutting and 50 carpentry... and hasn't built a single house wall in the 4 years I have been playing. If you want to accomplish more playing *only* a priest.... you need to learn to BARTER with other players, because non-priests aren't stand alone characters either (did you imp your first plate set to 80 ql so you could begin your adventures in the Wurm world? I didn't think so).
  8. Well, that's the only way to main a priest, is by lifting the restrictions. Let them build houses, let them chop wood (even Fo priests) etc.
  9. So we're turning priests into World of Warcraft talent trees? no thanks...
  10. Retro- any word on slate/sandstone/marble parapets?
  11. What we have here is two people with different opinions about the self sustainability of priests. Neither of you is going to convince the other that you are right, so can we cut the crap? Simple truth is, if all priests had restrictions lifted, could build their own houses, do alchemy and jewelry smithing and whatever other dumb excuse you guys can come up with..... everyone and I mean EVERYONE would be a priest.... so what's the point? It's not "quality of life" it is character homogenization, and a complete game changer which I oppose.
  12. Friends don't let friends wear open helms...
  13. Because votes on the forum matter so much. What % of those votes are people that have ever set foot on Chaos, much less actively play there?
  14. Repairing was already that fast (at least for stone brick walls) before the patch. Sandstone and slate walls, however, were a 30 second timer. That would make 60 seconds with enemies in local, which is a ridiculous.
  15. When I open this site in either IE or firefox, the bottom of the page (where it says +/- affinity) keeps scrolling off the bottom where I can't see it. Does this happen to anyone else?