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  1. Funny when you got back on the game and we were informed of your toon's not being given back and we asked if you had spoken to Mau you said no and admitted you have not gone on there comms since you came back and I said who you said had someone from JK trying to help you find ways to get your account back so you can try to fool everyone but the biggest fool in the end was you shared your account and couldn't settle this the grownup way instead went the bashful way!!! Name and shame is SO easy when you don't know the whole story and rather just insult ppl and accuse them of being thief!!!
  2. Because she quit!!! Obviously she can't be woman enough to go talk to the person and now she thinks making the name and shame she can get it bk...why should she have her toon's back she didn't want them there's alot of he said she said but in the end the 3rd person who was on coms is not on the forum that I know of and will not say anything because he takes her side when in the end she wouldn't contact the owner of the toon's
  3. That's not even true you told us on voice you refused to go talk to anyone and you have not ask the person instead you'd find someone to help you so whatever easier to go cry wolves and point fingers hoping you'll get everyone against him and you'd win seriously pathetic!!!
  4. You admitted you didn't attempt to contact the person who had the toon's how can you go say they were stolen? This is pathetic!!! Easier to point fingers and try to make one look bad instead of acting like a grownup adult and go ask if the toon's could be given back I guess...Gota love drama!!!
  5. Sermons are still active Coordinates are J22 on Exodus Server and the name of the deed is Shagsville. Bring your priests and you can bring listeners if you want as well all are welcome over
  6. Thanks to everyone who attended and congratulations to all who finally got there title
  7. No don't think anyone does such thing...
  8. Yes they are Bramson
  9. Shagsangel and Shagsdeval will be there
  10. Sign us up please Shagsangel and Shagsdeval (we are NOT alts) and Happy Birthday
  11. That's common sense which unfortunately is not given to my opinion there should be no reason to have it posted with SPOILER so those who does NOT want to read it don't read it...but you know it's WAY MORE FUN to explore and not knowing what your doing...sigh!! No idea what's so wrong about a spoiler post I'm sure alot of ppl would love and enjoy it...
  12. Still is if you go past what's posted for the answers of the path you can't reveal the answers or was told anyone who does would get idea why!!!
  13. Aeris I don't think (don't quote me on it) if you use the old way to cook a meal a veggie and filet meat or just meat not filet you will get any carbs from it (my thoughts again haven't tested) but the point is they want us to explore and enjoy the satisfaction of discovering...I'm with you don't got time to waste on trying and failing just cuz it's exciting for some...don't understand what is wrong with spoiler alert everyone is informed if they don't want to know then they shouldn't read it common sense to me...
  14. Why not if it was mine to begin with and Code Club decides to hand our stuff's not going anywheres and if they feel it's right to give it to us then why should I keep a bad credit on my name? What Niru did was wrong and I understand now why it's hard for them to give items back...can't remember who went in details saying it could be hard as the silver used from whatever was sold and give to someone else and so on then I understand the headache in giving the items back...we all know there is a 1% chance of Code Club to give the items back...but I'm guessing I'm wrong to think that accepting the items back and be credited but whatever I don't long I can get this whatever it's called to fix my bad credit I'm happy with were one of the lucky ppl who didn't got scammed by Niru so I guess you can't understand our frustrations...sorry we don't want to be pestered by collection agency but why should we be held responsible over someone's Fraud? Put yourself in our shoes for a minute and think and you'll see how WE feel about this!!!
  15. That was the point of Redd's to erase that credit as that's the only thing that can be done which is better than being by a credit agency regarding money owned to Paypal...