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  1. 3s 50c
  2. As kids growing up on a farm, my sister and I used to pluck various fruits on the way through our orchards. Dismounting would have been a bad idea lest the horses get distracted by what they would find on the ground during the idle time. So long as we kept moving they wouldn't put up much of an argument. If you're picking sprouts for the skill gain then yeah, be on the ground. If you're just harvesting for bulk then mounted harvest should be an option. +1
  3. I played around on ARK for quite a while and enjoyed it. I did miss the terraforming but the depth and complexity of the crafting / building system was good+. Even went to renting a private server with a few minor adjustments to the skills. After a while though, the game did get frustrating with the deluge of too much new content. Imho, the game was wrecked for PvE with the advent of the new Tech Tier. Tbh, once you've played a character long enough, environment becomes inconsequential, most of the smaller denizens you feared would become simple annoyances. All that said, it was an enjoyable game for better than a year. If you do try it, I would strongly recommend using a public server long enough to learn the basics then abandon that for a private server with an active playerbase. The game does take animal husbandry to a whole new level.
  4. I have no clue why the nostalgia bug visited me this day but this pic coupled with memories of those names have made my day complete. To the olde days! Cali
  5. This game has so much to offer that is utterly unique across the entire field of MMO gaming it simply confounds me when this topic is allowed to come up unresolved on such a regular basis. I won't bother making any suggestion to CC because they know what needs to be done to make it stop [invest in real consumer support] because it just ain't gunna happen in the foreseeable future. What I will say is this; others are watching, others are planning and some have even begun coding. A few have not yet gone public enough to be noticed. If something epic does happen here soon this whole thing will come to an end. I'll echo a previous poster by saying [for me] when something even remotely similar comes along I will check it out with the intent of diverting my financial support to a staff that refuses to support bad behavior. I seriously doubt mine is a unique opinion.
  6. WURM is not for the masses by a long ways. This game caters to those of us who want to do things our own way whatever it takes. We all know that if you want to [do this] you will have to [do all these other things] and while you're at it here's another [long list of things you should consider]. Most modern gamers won't tolerate that for a week much less the years some have invested here. I am happy to see some progress however glacial it may be. A bit more work on the internal workings toward efficiency along with the brass n polish would be nice though.
  7. The difference between the newbie and these career thieves is intent. The new player only intends to somehow succeed in this game and may not be aware of the social structure in a given locale. The serial griefer or career thief has a completely different motive... one that includes the detriment of another [often times any other] player. A player who intentionally uses certain game mechanics to cheat another is [in my opinion] a prime candidate for a 30-day ban or more for repeated issues. As was stated earlier, restitution is only part of the remedy where this kind of intent is present. Something like this will very likely happen again otherwise.
  8. Rather than using the greenhouse for the current crops, this would lend itself toward herb gardens as proposed in a separate thread. +1 I love the way you present this. Very well thought out.
  9. I saw this when I was imping oars. I assumed that the reduction below an expected average was some hidden decay (I remember reading somewhere that decay can accumulate but not actually display). But how that applies to a set of oars that were just acted upon before dropping them [undamaged] into a BSB or crate is beyond me. For the record, all oars were identical for all intents and purposes save for the actual ql. And yeah, it's been a bit since I did them but it was after the announcement of the change to BSB averaging math.
  10. After that, another thing that has helped me a lot is to do a 360-degree spin at first log-in. This helps when I'm not intending to travel much more than 50 tiles or so from log-in site. For travel days I will do that spin when it starts to bog down. What I believe is happening is that you end up forcing the UI to load everything in that panorama and ditch old info. Doesn't always work but sure helps on low video power machines.
  11. Quite the collection. I actually learned of Wurm while on walkabout several months before the plug was pulled. The community here is so very much like Vanguard, may be why I can tolerate all the bugs and little annoyances. If Gorgon is cultivating a similar crowd it may be well worth the look.
  12. Oh wow what a small world. When I started reading this post I knew Sandra's name was too familiar. Then to learn =you= started Petopia. I was a pre-BC warcrafter +[too many] years, loved original EQ and stayed with Vanguard to the end. I even still maintain an account on EQ2 though I haven't had the time to spend there in a while. I'll have to check this out. Thank you!
  13. Funeral pyre anyone?
  14. I see this idea from a slightly different perspective... To moor a boat at a dock or on a pier one would 'target' the stationary grounded mooring [peg, shaft, stake] with the boat's mooring rope. Once the attachment is made (assuming you didn't miss the toss of the loop) you would use the rope(s) to position your boat relative to the dock. Translated to game mechanics, the moor would be a fixed object that could be targeted by the commander of a vessel, rope activated and within say a tile or three of the peg. Right-click > Moor/Dock (w/e) would moor the boat to a fixed location relative to the mooring peg/post. Current problems this =could= address would include the ever-present and annoying loading issues for some boats due to relative positioning between the boat and the objects on land. Would also make docking a sailing vessel in stronger winds far less tedious. This would not replace the mooring anchor, simply repurpose the anchor for deep water off the shoreline. For pegs planted on deed you could even go so far as to add a permissions line for this type of docking. Just a thought