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  4. I dropped ~40 cotton on a farm tile to be able to move my toon to the bins for unload. Generally I will leave piles like this here and there to go back later and fetch them mounted. When I picked up this bale there was no msg saying I got it or inventory full, no msg saying anything actually... but the graphic of the bale on the ground disappeared. Double checked inventory to be sure and nope, no cotton here either save the few I had just harvested from a nearby tile. So I logged an alt to be sure it wasn't graphics. no cotton bale for her either. Relogged the main toon after logging out the alt, still no bale and no cotton in inventory. 40 cotton at 92.xx farm skill is no biggie but things drifting off into that empty nullspace of gonne seems a bit important.
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  8. I tried changing both the ipv4 & 6, not working for me. Thinking I should have stayed with my original thought to just wait it out. Best o luck, Later all.
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  11. If the ISP on CodeClub's end is unravelling then it's no surprise. Has anyone checked the worldwide attack maps? It's a big US holiday and the DoS attacks go off the charts on holidays.
  12. Apparently all my routing is handled through the hardware external to the OS here. Everything Win10 is aimed at the wireless to provide answers (never needed to notice that before). Don't really have the time to fiddle with it now so I guess it will have to wait for tomorrow. Hoping by then this will be fixed and my world will be right again. /sigh back to work
  13. I'm on a laptop with cellular wireless. Looking into how to apply this.
  14. Where would one put that info? I use the web launch icon from the main site rather than a desktop icon.
  15. Same issue here. Main website shows all servers up but the app cannot find them.