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  1. It really is too common. Consider building with stone. We used stone for just about everything for a while. 1 tile of stone is ~50 shards. Standstone veins will average around 6000-7000 shards ("only a few weeks remaining" is most common for a vein). According to Bdew's code diving, there is a 1 in 64 chance of a tile being designated as sandstone AND if you mine it out and collapse it to rock again, it will morph back into sandstone. So, divide 6000 by 64 and you get 93. That is nearly double the amount of stone shards. Do we need 2x more sandstone than regular stone? Let's make it much more rare, like 1 in 200 chance. Also, yes to a quick way to remove a sandstone vein, because of all the strongwalling we do to fix our mines for remining - gotta have perfect mines!
  2. I underlined the part that makes me ok with it all. Now it makes sense. Now I need to find that one Utmost sandstone tile and I'm set for life. Thank you Bdew! Also, thank you Alectrys (and devs) for digging up info on what was happening - and Tuga for some confirmations. Looks like this is pretty well sorted out now.
  3. still looking for more alts
  4. satire

    I picked you Keenan, because it sorta rhymes with Mean Man. No hate, all respect. Even when I pick at odd things i this game. I could never have made something better. I only push devs for more, because they are so good, I just know that can make it happen
  5. So that is something to ponder. How long before all rock tiles become sandstone? Or does sandstone only form on exposed tunnel walls? As I've explored caves, since my return, the number of sandstone tiles exposed seems exceptionally high. Maybe this needs to move to another location to discuss, but I'm quite concerned for the future of mining operations. Edit: And thank you for your help!
  6. It was the last cast I started before going to sleep. I did not see it complete the cast, but when I woke up and looked, it was Sandstone, so about 8 hours of time, where I was not watching. Do Sandstone tiles continue to form, or is that process complete? If complete, then there is no other answer than it came with the strongwall. I am watching closely on every cast and I've run another 30 since starting this thread. All rocks so far.
  7. Will try. Not done a hunt in months. THank you! Timer says 3 days, 28 hours... lol
  8. that would be much more logical and work it in the forge. All the wood handles of tools are fine in a forge, so the rope & cloth should be for the dredge.
  9. So it seems my old dredges decayed, while I was away. Decided to make a new one today and after years of Wurm, this is my first time. Had to make lumps of steel, to create 4 dredge scraper lips. Had to make a square of cloth. Had to combine the cloth with a rope, then add in the 4 steel scraper lips. Presto! I get a... wait for it... BIRCHWOOD dredge. Now to improve it, it needs a log. Is it just me, or does the dredge construction and improvement make absolutely no sense?
  10. true. with as available as veins are now, with less crowding on the servers, we don't need more "oops" veins
  11. over the years, I've been hard at work, erasing abandoned mines that were a mess of chaos, with drops and traps. Mostly on deeds I have, but sometimes in the wild when they really bother me. I map all my on deed mines and have kept track of how many strongwalls I've cast over the years and it is well over 1000. In all that time, I've never spawned a vein of anything. Recently, I came back to Wurm, to enjoy all the new features and restarted a strongwalling project. I've cast it maybe 20 times since returning last week and last night produced a Sandstone vein. Was my lack of veins previously just bad RNG? Is strongwall supposed to produce veins with the same odds of a cave in? Is this a bug with the new Sandstone tile? Thought it might be worth mentioning.
  12. Use saw on plank to create mold sections. Use small nails on sections to create mold. If it creates a mold for 10, it is close to breaking even. Considering you have to mine, then smith nails, chop trees, make logs, make planks. Maybe bump to 16 or 20 bricks for the mold.
  13. because logs will easily show someone randomly clicking the name header to resort, for no apparent reason. Seems it is a pretty good flag there.
  14. I'll +1 the revival of this thread, especially since we added even more priests and have fewer players to buddy up with. I'd personally like to see linking for any spell, not just common spells. Are the gods so fickle that they won't share favor with another god, just because the spell differs? Mana is mana, right?
  15. seriously?

    I've been away for 6 months and back in the day, I had pretty decent performance. Used to run many clients at once, unless in a rift or boss hunt, where it sucks the life out of the client. Now, just at my own deed, with nobody else online in local and no masses of structures or lights, I get much worse performance. Had to scale way back from my high settings to a pretty yucky looking wurm today. I pop 3-4 clients up at low settings and my fans go nuts. In fact, just loading the Java launcher is MUCH worse than it used to be. This is with Stable. Unstable is far too unstable to operate and doesn't help my performance anyway. It takes twice the RAM for the same settings.