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  1. Yes I am @StarsHollow
  2. I am looking to buy in bulk (5k) slate bricks or marble bricks delivered to SE deli.
  3. So let me get this straight you want 9 sets of mallet carving knife pelt file log 90+ ql and you will pay 10s for each set Uncasted ?
  4. freedom aint ready for the amount of moon metal and hota statues I will dump if this ever happened.
  5. How about the cave ceiling, my OCD won't allow me to forgive you for those
  6. Few ###### up ceiling tiles, veins in the path mehh...
  7. I will buy all of these, can you deliver ?
  8. Pm me and we can arrange something perhaps I need to count the amount of tiles still.
  9. Looking for someone to do a strongwalling job for me. I will provide the chopped veggies and altar. I estimate it's about 30-40 tiles it might be less or a bit more.
  10. Give you 150e
  11. @platinumteefgrand fathered basically for current kingdoms with more the one of the same champ to my understanding. I asked in discord. But change opens up for other kingdoms to get sme champs too.
  12. Wait is Madnezz and mr freedom involved in another griefing issue ? If so doesn't surprise me. considering the number of MR freedom player commenting on this thread seems like safe assumption they are involved.
  13. Don't be dumb!
  14. It's a matter of you communicating about a change when you didn't even know the mechanics fully. You mislead by providing only a limited information. If you or budda had not said a word on it. Then this happened fine it would have been a unknown mechanic. But you both communicated that the mechanics was one way when in reality there's a lot more to it. Now it's time to put the big boy pants on and own your mistake and fix it. How you do it will determine if you hold your player base or not. I recently was hacked and had acc stolen much like the mr incident and the gm team restored my faith in them by handling the situation properly. But you failing to even acknowledge your mistake and say yes I shouldn't have spoken about a mechanics that we didn't know how it worked completely just discourages people. Can we even trust any of the information you post regarding new changes and fixes is accurate ?
  15. How about actually communicating the right information to the players instead of providing false misleading information. Because of your misinformation to the players they spend hundred plus euros in premium to do attempt a champ slot because you said the mechanics was one. When in reality you had no idea what it was. How is that fair to the players ? Do they get compensation for your mistake ? Things like these are what push players away from them game. Own up to your mistake and fix it. Not saying dechamp Oscarius but find a way to compensate for your mistake. Rome decided to take another shot at epic ( a dead cluster before we came back ) premed up over 30 accounts for 1-2 months and some for much longer. After this display by the staff I will not attempt anything on epic or ask of our players to do so. Your complete disregard for your small and declining player base who despite everything continue loyal is just piss poor. @Rolfwould at least attempt at compensating people. Thank you @Budda @Retrogradethis was enough of a display of how much you care about your player base. I'm done and I'm sure many others will be after this as well.
  16. Apparently not a bug just incompetent staff mistake when communicating. Just had a look into it, and its not really a bug - more miscommunication on Retro's part in that post. MR Template kingdoms are able to champ any warrior god without needing to be favored at the time, JK template kingdoms are able to champ non-warrior gods. -budda most unbalanced mechanic ever.
  17. What are you smoking? So me a red scale set that went for more then 300
  18. Very reputable sellers : I have bought from both countless times.