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  1. reserved for you bakhita send me a pm to organize it .
  2. Looking to sell two hota statues Dragon - 25s Lady of the Lake 20s Pickup only on release R16 ingame - Birchwood troll mound PM me on forums or post below
  3. 200-250 depends on premium, sotg is nice but doesnt have much more then that.
  4. Message Propheteer on the forums and arrange pickup with him.
  5. 300-350 simply due to low mining skill. If it had 80+ mining it would be around 400 imo.
  6. Almost two years later and still relevant
  7. Toolhead coming in like
  8. remove locate soul from game.
  9. CruZaders good guys I swear !
  10. want to sell blue scale set before mclovin finds it and loses another one pm Propheteer ingame/forums with offers please be fast mclovin is on the hunt its only a matter of time
  11. Is this so you can buy another scale set ?
  12. N I G H T H A G !
  13. Recently grinding an account up from scratch I noticed how bad the skill gain for Shield bashing is heres an example : [20:59:52] Shield bashing increased by 0.0471 to 4.2852 That's one tick, and you only get a tick when you push the animal over. I would suggest tweaking it in some shape of form up more so that its viable to skill it via hunting and not just using a bunch of alts.
  14. Hello !!! @Buddayou didn't reply to jake in the feedback or to me here is this till a case. The new house types couldn't be bashed.
  15. Has this been addressed @Budda@Retrograde
  16. My biggest issue I foresee coming is defenders will out repair attackers now because of how difficult catapulting mechanics have become. Moving one tile over will require a whole new calculation to hit the target. Maybe nerf repair a bit so it requires both bricks and mortar. Also nerf the amount it repairs, currently (iirc) it's 10 damage repaired per brick and you don't even need to be on the tile being hit you can stand one tile off while doing the action. So total of 9 bricks to fully a repair a wall at 90 damage. When it takes your 20 bricks and 20 mortar to make a fresh wall.
  17. how long does the auction run for ?
  18. Mi nombre es Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria!
  19. I have to pottery planter racks with 25 planters in each with herbs planted. That's produces me 50 herbs every day. It took me roughly like 6 ovens full bowls to get 1 to 30 beverage skill. I did try to with 1ql coc fruit press smashing lemons but the gains were much lower. Also note that I do have PoK bonus and SB for the gains above. All in all mass producing herbs is easy just need a few racks and planters to go with it.
  20. I did one chopped herb with .5kgs of water in a pottery bowl in a oven, you can fit 47 bowls in the oven.
  21. What meditation path and level ?