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  1. At 90 Skill, 65ql catapult a target house that was 12 tiles away required a 21 winch. That doesn't seem right to me, to get that winch was basically guessing.
  2. I can imp to 90ql for a small fee if you get one that's not 90ql.
  3. I will be there !
  4. Will be there with Ckczk and will try to drag shankiest with me.
  5. Interested in black legion wagon and rare spirit castle will you deliver to south Release ?
  6. I will buy that dioptra separately if you are willing to sell.
  7. Recently grinding an account up from scratch I noticed how bad the skill gain for Shield bashing is heres an example : [20:59:52] Shield bashing increased by 0.0471 to 4.2852 That's one tick, and you only get a tick when you push the animal over. I would suggest tweaking it in some shape of form up more so that its viable to skill it via hunting and not just using a bunch of alts.
  8. my steel staff Do I get a commission for asking you to make me one then you turned it rare ?
  9. COD Milp
  10. 35
  11. 28s
  12. Is there a limit on how many player god champions there can be in total/per kingdom.
  13. Join today the most experienced community on chaos that's eager to share their knowledge of the game. We also have active deeds on freedom for those that pvp isn't their style.
  14. Currently not a priest, used to be nahjo priest and is a follower at the moment.
  15. Price checking an alt, might sell depending on value. Path of Power level 6
  16. choices

    See you in 2019 when there isn't a population on pvp servers or anyone that still cares about it enough.
  18. Rare Large Oak Shield - 3.5s each COD Milp, 1 shield
  19. I will buy it pm info and mine map and such.
  20. COD mine to Egard
  21. Where is the pickup for the loom ?
  22. Yes please !!!!! Wouldnt it be simple to just add tile tile borders and slopes inside mines like there are outside ?
  23. Selling off some of these fresh new medallions. All medallions are 99 quality. They cannot be imped, and don't take damage. They drop on death. Price 2s current stock 25.